'The Bachelor' Does Some Explainin'


“Ladies and gentleman, still a bachelor, Brad Womack.”

That’s how Bachelor host Chris Harrison introduced Womack in last night’s The Bachelor: After the Final Rose reunion special since the millionaire hunk rejected both finalists in Monday night’s season finale.

So what was his explanation for dissing both women, Harrison wondered.

“My heart was broken, too, whether buy that or not,” said Womack, who was just beginning an hour-long stint on the hot seat. “I didn’t want to make a false promise when I didn’t feel it in my heart. When I went ring shopping… I had a very big gut feeling that this just wasn’t right.”

That wasn’t enough to provide closure for either of Womack’s datemates, though. Jenni Croft, the NBA cheerleader, was dealing with the recent death of her grandmother, Bettie, who’d appeared on an episode of The Bachelor. Croft wanted to know why Womack didn’t pursue either woman, proposals aside, when he claimed to have such strong feelings for both of them.

“When I was with you, I was thinking of DeAnna, when I was with DeAnna, I was thinking of you and how unfair it was to both of you,” Womack replied.

DeAnna Pappas, a Georgia realtor, also demanded some answers from Womack, after admitting to Harrison that she was angry and confused, but still held out hope for a relationship with the guy who’d rejected her on national TV.

“I left that day, after the final rose ceremony, more confused than I’ve ever been in my entire life,” Pappas said. “I’m angry, because it’s so confusing. I was falling in love with this person… I do still have those feelings… Did he think something better was gonna come along, or was it just too confusing for him? Most men only get one… if this man gets two, I just didn’t understand how he couldn’t choose one.”

But Womack squashed any thoughts of reconciliation. “I do believe in this idea of this over-the-top romantic idea of love,” he said. “I believe in that… If I saw enough there on that day, I would have fought tooth and nail to make something happen. I’m very confident in my decision.”

Womack, who told Harrison, “I obviously have a few problems, I’m man enough to admit it,” also denied rumors that he’s dated anyone since the show wrapped two and a half months ago.

“No. There’s also rumors that I have children. I’m not kidding. I’ve heard everything in the book,” he said. “I’ve heard I’m gay… it’s crazy everything I’ve heard. I’ll look you in the eye, anybody out there in America in the eye, and say I haven’t grabbed a single cup of coffee with anybody. I’m trying to process this, too.” – Kimberly Potts

So tell us: After seeing Womack defend his decision, do you think: It wasn’t them, it’s him: Any guy who can’t find a match amongst 25 beautiful women definitely has some issues? It wasn’t him, it’s them: DeAnna and Jenni just aren’t willing to accept that Womack simply didn’t fall in love with them?


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