"Wow, my mouth is open," Sterling tells PEOPLE of the possibility of Courtney and Ben Flanjik getting married

By Carrie Bell
Updated March 01, 2012 06:30 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Inset:Oliver S Wolf/Splash News Onine

Courtney Robertson, the controversial finalist on The Bachelor who was spotted trying on wedding dresses in Beverly Hills Wednesday, has surprised more than just fans by her actions.

Nicki Sterling, the ousted third finalist on the show (Lindzi Cox is still in the running), is positively shocked by the photos – and the implication that Robertson, 28, a season-long source of drama will get Ben Flajnik’s final rose.

“I’d have to chew on that for a little while,” Sterling tells PEOPLE. “I don’t even know. I’m kind of shocked right now. I’m sorry, wow, my mouth is open right now.”

There’s always the possibility that Robertson, known for her attention-seeking antics, was photographed dress-shopping for the sake of a publicity stunt.

“I would hope and pray that is not the case,” Sterling says. “There are no words to describe how horrible that would be. I mean, somebody’s heart is on the line. And not just somebody’s, but it’s Ben who I care deeply about. I cannot believe that anybody – even as manipulative as Courtney – would take it that far. I would hope not.”

Of course, as Robertson herself would likely say, she is a model, so perhaps her wedding gown moment was for a legitimate bridal photo shoot?

Only time (and perhaps some more hinting on Robertson’s part) will tell.