Find out what Kacie B., Blakeley, Casey S., Nicki and Ben Flajnik think of the controversial finalist

By People Staff
March 07, 2012 07:30 AM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/Abc

The reunited contestants of The Bachelor had no reason to suspect that their nemesis Courtney Robertson would be joining them for a candid chat at the Women Tell All special, because the finalists don’t usually attend. But after dissecting her actions, calling her names and generally hating on her for 45 minutes, host Chris Harrison surprised them by bringing Courtney out to face the women.

Reactions to the model’s weepy apology that followed were varied. After the taping, PEOPLE spoke with Kacie B., Blakely, Casey S., Nicki and Bachelor Ben Flajnik about what Courtney said through tears:

Kacie B.: “[Courtney] will definitely not be a bridesmaid at my wedding. Can you imagine that toast? Not a flower girl. Courtney won’t even be invited to my wedding. … I hope she was being completely genuine in all that she said, but … I have a hard time believing that somebody could act that way for so long [without] some sort of motive and not be a mean-spirited person.”

Blakeley: “She said sorry. Whether she meant it or not is the question. I want to believe her. However, it is really hard to backtrack when you’ve gone so far and dug a hole so deep. I would be willing to open the door to the opportunity to see if we were compatible as friends. I would potentially like to see a friendship with her so that’s why I cared enough to want an explanation and an apology.”

Casey S.: “I was happy to see her. After hearing what everyone had to say, it seem the girls’ feelings about Courtney have gotten a lot worse than they were in the house. Watching her on TV … riled them all up. They think she only has a mean side because most didn’t get to know her. That’s not true. She is a great friend and funny.”

Nicki: “I just don’t buy it. If they’re together, I don’t see it lasting. Just watching the show and seeing her actions and comments would be enough to break them up. I don’t really buy anything about her including the apologies or the tears. I think she showed up tonight because she looks bad to the viewers, to us and to Ben.”

Ben Flajnik: “When I walked out there, I could tell something had riled the girls up. She said some mean things and that’s not cool, but she is actually a sweet girl. Nobody gets to see [that] because of editing and stuff, which is sad. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be something that gets resolved. I don’t see a world where all of these girls hang out together and get along. Too much has happened and too many feelings were hurt.”