'The Bachelor' Chris Soules on First Night Jitters – and Being Asked to Plow a Girl's Field (VIDEO)

The farmer from Iowa talks about meeting the 30 women for the first time

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

How does one react when a gal says, “You can plow my field anytime?”

If you’re Chris Soules – the latest star of ABC’s The Bachelor – you blush and maybe take it with a grain of salt (or in this case, maybe wheat).

PEOPLE asked the 33-year-old farmer from Iowa to break down Monday’s premiere and reveal who made the most memorable first impression.

How nervous were you to be in that room the first night, knowing your future wife might be there?
That was a great experience. It was nerve-wracking but exciting to be in the same room with 30 amazing women and knowing that one of them could potentially become my fiancée. I felt that. I got to meet these incredible women and I could see this working. I was a little nervous going in thinking that there wouldn’t be that many quality women, but there really was. I was extremely excited.

Who made some of the biggest impressions?
Well, there was one girl who sang me a song coming out of the limo. That’s pretty impressive and she was a good singer. Another girl rode up in a motorcycle. It was pretty hot. One girl was a secret admirer. She snuck up and they had me turn around and she gave me a note and I had to find her inside so that was creative, a la my secret admirer in Andi’s season. But then I think I kind of want to go in to some of the other girls I met inside.

Those things were fun and great coming out of the limo but there were a few girls who really impressed me inside after I got to meet them and talk to them. One girl who particularly caught my eye was Kaitlyn. She actually came up, guns blazing, when she came out of the limo. She told me that I could plow her field any day. I think I blushed. But then she taught me how to break dance when I met her inside. I was really impressed with her.

Britt was, I mean, obviously, she’s gorgeous. She gave me a hug that was probably one of the best hugs that I’ve ever had. It was pretty damn good (laughs). We just had a weird connection, an unexplainable instant great connection. Whitney obviously impressed me. She had a little Southern twang and talked about Iowa. She said Iowa with a little Southern accent.

I think people expect you to choose a Southern girl because of your background. Did you try to not go for a specific type?
Going into that night, I really didn’t have a certain type. Maybe I do, but if I do, I was going in completely open-minded and there were so many great girls after I met them all, like I felt I could see myself falling in love with a lot of them right away, and it was pretty amazing the quality of women, and they were all my type at that point. I think I’m old enough and mature enough to not fall into a certain type. I think I’m more worried about finding the person who is the right one that I can spend the rest of my life with.

Anything crazy happen? There’s always that one super drunk person.
Yeah, there were a couple who were maybe a little over-served. There were definitely a couple girls who were over-served, but I get it. It’s a long night and everybody’s stressed out and they’re also trying to have a good time. But I think they’re generally speaking, well-behaved.

There’s always that toughest, craziest night. Did you feel like you had one of those?
I had some crazy nights. Yeah, some of the rose ceremonies were – like the first rose ceremony, I mean. That was crazy because there were 30 women and I really wanted to talk to every one of them and get to know them as much as possible because I had to send a few home and I wanted to be able to make a good decision and that didn’t happen. Just waking up the next morning was like, what is going on? Where am I? This is amazing.

How did you keep names and faces straight?
That was probably one of my biggest challenges. I’m not great with names. I was thankful as we got down to a smaller number that I was able to get the names down but early on that was a struggle. Just did the best I could, and you do the repeating thing in your head, but with 30 of them it’s just impossible.

To prepare for the premiere, watch Yahoo’s extended preview of the new season, complete with lots of crying, drinking and kissing.

Season 19 of The Bachelor airs at 8 p.m. ET Mondays on ABC.

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