Soules also tells PEOPLE what really happened with Britt, addresses all that making-out and says he's "really happy" with the final decision he made

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated March 03, 2015 10:35 AM
Credit: David Moir/ABC

Following a dramatic Tell All special, resident Bachelor Chris Soules came away from the experience relatively unscathed.

Given how sincere and honest he’s been throughout the entire Bachelor process, it’s no surprise that Chris was “not nervous at all” about the Tell All, he told PEOPLE following taping.

The reigning Bachelor does admit that he’s made some mistakes, though, and he revealed what he thought went wrong between him, Kaitlyn, Jade and Britt. He also discussed why he kissed so many girls and why Kaitlyn would make a “great” Bachelorette.

On Mistakes and Regrets

“I know that I did my best,” Soules told PEOPLE. “Yeah, there’s hurt feelings in any relationship when you break up, and these girls needed closure, but I never did anything to blatantly disrespect any of them. I feel like I gave them all of the respect that I could have possibly given them.”

Indeed, Chris took care during Women Tell All to explain his side and apologize once again to Jade, Kaitlyn and even Britt.

“Really nothing went wrong [in my relationship with Kaitlyn],” he said. “Nothing went wrong with Jade. Nothing went wrong with a lot of the girls. I simply had to make decisions that were hard to make, so there’s no specific wrong thing about what we had at that time. I just had to make a decision.”

While he owns all of the decisions made as the Bachelor, he does have one regret: “Watching the show back and watching the Big & Rich concert, me taking Britt – the cocktail portion of the date – maybe I could have handled that differently.”

On Britt, Chris said that “the world didn’t see the entire conversation that we had, and we had a positive discussion that wasn’t at all about her reacting during the group date,” he said, adding that they left on “relatively good terms.”

However, he still doesn’t understand why she was so upset: “Still, to this day, I was honest with her. She apologized and I accepted her apology, but I don’t really we just did the best we could, and it wasn’t there.”

On His Side Job as a Semi-Professional Kisser

“When you meet someone that’s really awesome and you have this connection and you’re having a great time, kissing happens,” Chris told PEOPLE. “That’s what happens when you date people.”

“People might say, ‘No, I’m not gonna kiss,’ but I’m not gonna do that – I only have two months. I’ve got two months to figure out if this is my soulmate or not.”

On Life Post-Finale

“I’m really happy [with my decision],” said Chris. “We’re both just looking forward to when it’s over. It’ll be refreshing to be together and just plan things together and do things like the movies, even though it’s going to be a little weird because everybody in God’s creation recognizes and wants pictures with us.”

Added Chris, “It’s just going to be refreshing to get on with life together.”

(So, the finale will definitely end in a proposal, right?)

On the Next Bachelorette

“There are a lot of great candidates [for the next Bachelorette],” Chris said. “That’s one thing I said after the first night when I met all 30 of these women. I told the producers that they’re going to have the best Bachelorette next season because they have the best group of women that I’ve ever seen.”

Given a choice, however, Chris is betting on Kaitlyn: “She’s got a great personality. She would be fun, and she’s a funny girl. She would handle crazy dates and she would be able to hang out, and be entertaining, and she’s ready to find love.

“I think that’s really important as a Bachelor or Bachelorette, to be able to find someone who’s ready to get married and ready to be genuine and sincere about the journey.”

The Bachelor finale airs Monday (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

Reporting by NICOLE SANDS