This season's winner has an adventurous idea for her fiancé

By Lanford Beard
Updated March 11, 2015 05:50 PM
Credit: Ari Michelson

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The Bachelor ‘s Chris Soules and fiancée Whitney Bischoff open up about their small-town life together – and starting a family! Subscribe now for instant access to their plans for beating the odds and making love last.

“What’s your fantasy date?”

Even though Chris Soules has shared a Fantasy Suite (trademark, The Bachelor) with his new fiancée Whitney Bischoff, her answer to that question still causes him to blush.

During this week’s PEOPLE cover shoot, when Soules, 33, adventurously suggested with a giggle, “Whips and chains?” Bischoff didn’t miss a beat: “Fifty Shades of Soules.”

More than likely, the self-described “normal” couple’s life after Bachelor will involve more domesticity and Dancing than dominant-submissive role play – though that’s for the newly engaged couple to know … and America to find out?

Stay tuned for the spin-off.

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