'The Bachelor' 's Chris and Whitney: Moving In Together!

As Soules prepares for Dancing with the Stars, the fiancés are wasting no time starting their life together

Photo: Ari Michelson

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Now that all the hullabaloo of The Bachelor is over, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff, who got engaged on the ABC hit’s Monday finale, are ready to start a “normal” life.

Well … sort of. For the time being, as Prince Farming prepares to tango and rumba across the Dancing with the Stars stage, the happy couple are bunking up – together! – in Los Angeles.

“I’m excited!” Bischoff tells PEOPLE. “One of the hardest things of all of this was being separated, so it will be nice to be together finally.”

As for the million-dollar question about her career as a fertility nurse? “I’ve switched roles a little bit,” Bischoff, 29, explains. “It offers me a lot of flexibility so I can work from anywhere.”

Even from Soules’s tiny hometown of Arlington, Iowa? “I have no plans to quit my job,” says Bischoff. “We’re just taking it step by step!”

And who knows? The Kentucky native could even picture herself pitching in on the farm one day: “I have a lot to learn,” she says. “But I know [farming] is something Chris is so passionate about, and it’s been passed down in his family. I hope our children can learn the trade as well, so I would like to learn more about it!”

Her future husband heartily approves. “Having her part of the farming operation would be a really cool thing,” Soules says. “There are plenty of things she would look better than me doing on the farm!”

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