How Much Sex Goes on Behind the Scenes of 'The Bachelor' ? Chris Harrison Tells All (VIDEO)

The Bachelor host's answer may surprise you

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Now that Chris Soules‘s season of The Bachelor is about to head to the fantasy suites, we have one vital question:

Just how many of the couples are having sex on ABC’s hit franchise?

Host Chris Harrison stopped by the PEOPLE Now studios to provide an answer that, quite frankly, was way more modest than we expected.

“If I’m in Vegas and setting the odds,” Harrison tells PEOPLE, “I’d go so low as to say 67 percent [of couples are having sex].”

In another behind-the-scenes tidbit, Harrison, 43, also reveals that producers actually have to think ahead in regard to their supply of roses.

Providing rose ceremony currency is never a problem in the United States, but when the contestants travel abroad, producers have to look into that country or island’s rose situation to make sure they’re in season, or if they even grow there at all.

The more you know, kids!

To place your Vegas bets on which couples are having sex in the fantasy suites, Monday’s episode of The Bachelor follows Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn on their overnight dates with Soules.

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