Womack shares his feelings about what he learned as the women open up

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Hey Everybody!

It’s hard to believe that we’re watching episode three of The Bachelor already! It’s so much fun for me to watch and relive every single moment; so many good memories were made this season.

This particular episode was pretty heavy, and big revelations were made. While on the singing date, Ashley told me about the loss of her father. Then, Emily told me about her tragic past as well as her 5-year-old daughter. I also realized that none of the women were afraid to test their acting skills or to push themselves physically for our action-adventure film. That would be enough for one episode, but the rose ceremony was pretty dramatic as well …

Seal of Approval

Ashley S. was perfect for the first date because I was absolutely terrified of singing! I’ve never wanted to sing, never thought I could sing, nor have I ever sang in front of another person (let alone millions of Americans). I dreaded singing with such a pretty woman, but Ashley was so much fun and instantly calmed me down. The fact that she allowed me to relax and have such a great time doing something I feared told me quite a bit about her. We both laughed so hard the entire time! Meeting Seal was indescribable. His level of talent and the way he sings so effortlessly made me realize what a superstar is and what extraordinary talent he has.

Movie Magic

Filming the movie was so much fun! I saw so many different sides to the women. I was especially proud of Shawntel N. She did so well (and saved me from the bad guys)! Our stunt coordinator and director, Steven Ho, is a bad ass. It was cool to work with him. The pool party that evening was a welcome break from a long day of being a movie star. The mood was light during the party until I had the chance to talk to Chantal O. Hearing how she felt among the other women made me realize for the first time what all of the women were going through. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have feelings for someone while having to watch that person explore other relationships. I give all the credit in the world to most of the women for staying strong throughout the process. I don’t know if I would have that strength. Chantal also told me about the passing of her father. This hit close to home because she waited too long to try to fix the broken relationship she had with her biological father. That conversation opened my eyes to many of my relationships – especially the one with my father.

I gave the rose on the group date to Shawntel N. There were too many reasons to explain in this blog. I’ll say this: Shawntel has so many different layers; she pleasantly surprised me throughout the entire journey. On a side note, I’m beginning to realize how aggressive Michelle is. It’s surprising to hear some of the things she’s saying about the other women.

Emily’s Secret

My date with Emily was emotional, to say the least. In hindsight, maybe I should have been more insightful where she was concerned. I remember thinking something was wrong even before we got on the plane. Our conversation at the winery was almost awkward. I should have known that something was bothering her or that she wanted to tell me something important. While watching, I realized she was deflecting every single question I asked about her personal life. Let me also say this: Never in a million years would I have asked her to fly with me on a private jet if I had known about her fear of flying.

I’m so thankful that Emily decided to open up on the latter part of our date. Hearing everything she told me made my head swim. I can’t fathom losing someone like that. She obviously loved the man very much and it’s hard for me to comprehend the tragedy. On a positive note, I was overwhelmed with joy when I heard Emily has a daughter. I felt like she and I made a breakthrough that night – one I had been anxiously awaiting.

The Rose Ceremony

This particular rose ceremony was pretty dramatic. My goal was to allow the women to be comfortable (in order to open up more to me) and it worked! A lot of them made it very clear that strong feelings were developing and that they were here for the right reasons. Which brings me to Madison. She hasn’t received enough credit for being a caring, gracious and genuine woman. All anybody is talking about are her damn fangs! Madison truly cares about other people – almost more than she cares about herself. We had an interesting conversation during the cocktail party and I didn’t know where she stood after that. Well, I soon found out. When Madison decided to leave, I was surprised and very disappointed. I was hoping to get to know her better. I can only assume that she has many qualities that I would have liked. Obviously, I’m someone who can commend a person for walking away from something (or someone) that doesn’t feel right. I’m proud of Madison for admitting that she simply didn’t have feelings that warranted her possibly receiving a rose that could have gone to another woman.

That’s it for now! As always, I want to say thanks for taking the time to watch as well as read my blog! – Brad Womack

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