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January 26, 2010 12:00 AM

Hey there! So, tell me the truth: Last week did I look as tired and as emotionally exhausted as I felt?! Man that drama was pretty intense. I thought leaving the mansion was going to help ease any tension amongst the women but I think it had the opposite effect. It was sort of sad to leave the house because I have some of the fondest memories of my life there.

Let’s talk about the RVs for a second. I was so jealous! The women got these awesome RVs to travel up the coast in with running water, soft couches, a bed, and I rode a motorcycle with a stiff seat. The bike ride was great but it was a bit scary riding up Highway 1. The wind was howling around those passes and sharp curves and a couple of times I felt like the wind might lay the bike over. But with mountains on one side and ocean on the other, the breathtaking view made the ride worthwhile.

The dates felt a bit different being out of the comfort of Los Angeles. I was excited to go on a date with Gia because up to this point there was an attraction between us but I wasn’t sure if we were really going to “take off.” I knew she could handle herself in an urban environment but what about a very simple date in a vineyard? I bet she had never cooked a weenie on an open flame before that night. I was so pleasantly surprised that Gia and I had SO much physical and emotional chemistry — it was crazy! I actually had started to miss Gia before the date was even over.

The group date was awesome! Unfortunately we started about three hours late because both RVs got stuck in the sand on Pismo Beach and had to be towed to the campsite. Which reminds me! Don’t drive a motorcycle on a soft-sanded beach! It’s harder than it looks. Speaking of being harder than it looks, sand surfing is exhausting. Vienna even sprained her ankle when she did a face plant. That sunset was gorgeous though — one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

One of the toughest nights I experienced during this journey was the two-on-one date with Katherine and Ella. There was a definite attraction there with Ella but it broke my heart watching her say goodbye to her son Ethan at SeaWorld. It’s a lot of responsibility knowing that I’m keeping a woman away from her son while I try to figure out if we’re right for one another. It became apparent on the two-on-one that even though my attraction to Ella was strong, it wasn’t enough to keep her away from her No. 1 man.

Then I looked at Katherine. She is such a beautiful woman but I knew that what we were missing was an emotional connection and if I’m not feeling it now, why drag it out any longer. I hope I made the right choice. I know both of these women are going to find their dream guy.

I already felt pretty exhausted by the time the rose ceremony came around. Corrie was really on the line at this point because she was having such a hard time opening up. Luckily she surprised me during our one-on-one time. The Corrie that I knew was there all along finally revealed herself and I got very excited about her! It’s so neat to watch someone start to fall. Having that breakthrough with Corrie only motivated my painful decision to have Chris take away one of the roses. But knowing what I had planned for San Francisco, my decision had to be solely based on wanting to maximize my time with the five women that I did connect with emotionally.

Hopefully I’ll leave my heart in San Francisco.

Well everyone, until then … thanks for watching!

Fly Safe! Jake Pavelka

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