By People Staff
Updated February 23, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

What an emotional day! It was great seeing all of the women and I was so happy for the few surprise guests such as Emily. She looked just as gorgeous as she did the first night I met her. The one question everyone kept asking me was, Are you nervous about seeing the women again? The answer was definitely no! I am excited! These women are all my friends. The Women Tell All is an opportunity for the ladies who didn’t receive a rose to ask questions and possibly get some closure as we start to wrap up this incredible journey we took together. And I used it for the same purpose.

I’m sure a lot of want to hear my comments on Rozlyn but I don t feel like I have any more to say about her or the situation. I wish Rozlyn the very best in life and I want her and my friend (the staffer) to know — I hope you’re happy.

Seeing Christina was great. After watching her on the show, I remember thinking that I wish I had seen her funny side. She went home too early, so I was happy that I had the opportunity to tell her how beautiful she looked in the Instyle Magazine photoshoot. She looked beautiful at Women Tell All too.

Poor Michelle. She is such a good girl and I truly feel that she just didn’t know exactly how to handle the situation of being on The Bachelor. Michelle, like all of the women this season, is used to being pursued by a man and this is not an ideal environment for a woman who is used to operating that way in a relationship. One thing I do know about Michelle is that she will find a great relationship and she will be ready for it.

Seeing Ali really affected me. There was so much emotion in that reunion, mostly because I really felt that I never got closure with her. I still stand by my decision to not have her come back but that decision didn t come easy and it still doesn t. I truly wish her the best in life and will always be her biggest fan.

As difficult as it was having all these amazing women in one room again, I m happy I got the chance to see everyone. I truly hope the women feel the same way. Thank goodness for the bloopers! They were a much needed light moment in the heavy evening. I hope everyone enjoyed them as much as we did!

Fly Safe! –Jake Pavelka

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