'The Bachelor' 's Ben Higgins Breaks Hearts, Is 'Ready to Find' His Wife in New Promo

The show premieres Jan. 4 on ABC


Ben loves you. He loves you not.

As Ben Higgins prepares to look for love in the new season of The Bachelor, a new promo reveals that he’ll be breaking plenty of hearts.

“I’m ready to find my wife,” he says in an exclusive promo – but unfortunately that means only one lady will walk away happy.

Cue alternating clips of women triumphantly telling the camera that Ben is falling in love with them – followed by clips of women crying because he’s scorned their affections.

“I’m going to cry,” says one women.

Higgins’ response?

“Crazy,” he tells the camera.

The 27-year-old software salesman has said he doesn’t expect to get too physical with the ladies this season, and that he’s truly looking to find a soul mate.

“I really wanted to concentrate on getting to know these woman outside of the physical aspect of it,” he told reporters earlier this month. “I think that is always important in a relationship, and it comes in time, but I wanted to make sure we spent our time getting to know each other one-on-one and not necessarily kissing or making out the whole the time.”

The Bachelor premieres Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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