Ben Higgins' New Fiancée Speaks Out: 'I Wasn't Blindsided by Anything'

The former Bachelor and his fiancée were given a chance for a very public wedding

Photo: Ari Michelson

Ben Higgins turned heads and made The Bachelor history when he told two women he loved them.

But the woman he ended up proposing to doesn’t feel like she was deceived by Higgins’ double confession. On Monday’s After the Final Rose special, the future Mrs. Higgins said that the Bachelor star told her about everything that went down one day after they got engaged.

Warning: spoiler’s ahead for Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor.

“So anything that I would be surprised by or might be hurtful, we had a conversation right then,” Lauren Bushnell said.

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She added that though it was “hard to relive” the events on the show, those conversations with Higgins made it easier.

“Nothing was a surprise. I wasn’t blindsided by anything,” she said. “I think that’s made it a lot easier – a very hard situation, or what could be, [did] not affect our relationship.”

She did acknowledge that she “had no idea” Higgins had told JoJo Fletcher he loved her.

“So when we did have that conversation, it was a complete surprise to me,” said Bushnell. “I think I was realistic about the fact that there could obviously be feelings that were similar to what he expressed to me … So when we had that conversation, I was surprised, but then again I wasn’t surprised because I knew if she was in that position, there obviously were strong feelings there.”

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In this week’s PEOPLE cover story, Higgins, 27, opens up about his decision to chose Bushnell, 26, over Fletcher after telling both women he loved them.

“I can’t apologize for being honest or expressing what I thought was best to express at the time,” said Higgins. “But I could never picture my life without Lauren.”

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