She's reserving judgement on The Bachelor's bad girl, but thinks Ben Flajnik will make a good decision

By Patrick Gomez and Liz Raftery
Updated March 06, 2012 07:35 PM
Credit: Bill Davila/Startraks

On the current season of The Bachelor Courtney Robertson has emerged as the finalist everyone loves to hate.

But at least one person (other than Bachelor Ben Flajnik himself) isn’t completely writing her off. Former Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert sympathizes with Robertson – at least in part – due to her own experience on the show.

“I feel like when my season was airing I got a lot of [flack],” Hebert, 27, told PEOPLE at the KIIS-FM Purse Party in Santa Monica on Monday. “So I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.”

“I think Ben is going to make a good decision,” she adds.

Hebert’s fiancé, J.R. Rosenbaum, whom she met through the show, isn’t as willing to let Courtney slide.

“I think her first impression was terrible,” he tells PEOPLE. “It looks like she is a villain. She looks like she is manipulating [Ben]. It looks bad. It looks really bad.”

Still, Rosenbaum concedes, the viewers don’t see everything that goes on, and he has faith in Flajnik.

“Ben’s got a good head on shoulders,” Rosenbaum says. “I’ve spent a lot of time with him. He’s a good man. He knows what he wants. He’s smart and funny. He’s going to do the right thing. He knows the fantasyland he’s in right now and he knows that’s not going to last forever. And once the finale airs, whoever he’s really with, they’ll start dating and he’ll give it a shot.”

Good luck, Emily!

Looking forward to the next season of TV love, both Hebert and Rosenbaum have nothing but well wishes for the new Bachelorette star, Emily Maynard.

“I have a soft spot for Emily,” says Hebert. “She’s America’s sweetheart. Everyone is going to love her. … I just really hope people treat her differently than they treated me.”

Rosenbaum added, “I am rooting for her. I hope it works out for her this way because the odds are against her from the start. It’s not easy to find love doing this, but I really hope she does find it this way.”

Wedding Bells

It certainly worked for Rosenbaum and Hebert, who are just starting to think about planning their own wedding.

“I’m personally very easygoing,” says Hebert, who has been looking at dresses and rings, but hasn’t gotten down to the nitty-gritty of wedding planning quite yet.

As for the details of the nuptials, Herbt says, “I’d be happy having it here [in Los Angeles]. I’d be happy having it in New York. I’d be happy having it in Maine. I’d be happy having it on TV, off TV. … We are starting to figure it out.”