She's got a nanny and a vessel of one-liners

By Diana Pearl
Updated January 03, 2017 03:50 PM
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

Well, that didn’t take long!

We’re only one episode into the newest season of The Bachelor, but we’ve already found our resident pot-stirrer of the season: Corinne Olympios, a 24-year-old business owner who nabbed Bachelor Nick Viall‘s first kiss of the evening — though she did not grab the first impression rose.

After her performance on the show’s first episode, plus many a rewatch of the season trailer, it’s easy to deduce that Corinne will be the girl in the mansion the others love to hate. PEOPLE breaks down 6 things to know about season 21’s villain.

1. She runs a “multi-million dollar business.”

Throughout the first episode (and in the season’s trailer), Corinne was quick to drop the factoid that she runs a “multi-million dollar business.” (An intimidation tactic, perhaps? Okay, yes, definitely.)

However, we know from her hometown segment that she does not seem to actually run said business, but is preparing to take over for her father. What this business is, however, is less clear: Her LinkedIn page gives no hints (c’mon girl, you’re a businesswoman!) and she only referred to the business in terms of its financials, not what it does.

The sleuths over at Romper found a man named James Olympios, with a relative named Corinne, who lives in Miami. He is the manager at ArmorGarage, a company that makes products to help with garage and concrete floor repairs. This seems to line up with what she told Glamour, that the business handles “doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings.”

Ironically, the company’s size is listed as being “less than $1 million.”

2. She’s also a model.

Though her LinkedIn profile doesn’t make any mention of her role in the elusive “multi-million dollar business,” it does say that she’s worked as a model and actress. In her ExploreTalent profile, she says that she’s worked on multiple music videos and various ad campaigns. She also says that she is “really easy to work and get along with,” a claim that her appearance on The Bachelor may start to cast some doubts on.

3. She has a nanny.

Though she runs a business and claims she’s ready to tie the knot, Corinne isn’t embracing all the facets of adulthood. Why? Because she still has a nanny. Yes, a nanny. A nanny who prepares her cucumber snacks while she’s hard at work. Does that mean if she and Nick get engaged, Corinne’s nanny will come and live with them?

4. She truly DGAF.

Most people are so nervous pre-rose ceremony that they start crying, or inhale an entire plate of cold cuts (looking at you, Chad.) Not Corinne, who was caught dozing off at a yet-to-be-aired rose ceremony. We know those cocktail parties can go into the wee hours of the night though, so girl, we get you. And also commend you for being relaxed about this whole thing.

5. She has epic one-liners.

When she’s speaking about having sex with Nick, Corinne uttered the now-iconic line: “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.” And The Bachelor was never the same.

6. She’s not afraid to go for what she wants.

We all know Nick isn’t afraid to sleep with women on this show, and perhaps Corinne is the woman for him — because she isn’t either. In the preview, we see her pay Nick a late night visit with some not-so-hidden intentions. “Tonight I’m going to see Nick and I’m going to have sex with him, and it’s just going to be magical,” she says in the confessional. And to Nick, she says: “I would love to explore each other sexually.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.