By People Staff
November 16, 2009 12:00 AM
Monty Brinton/CBS

The final five teams crossed the Baltic Sea to explore Estonia on Sunday’s The Amazing Race. Things got heated — and not just on the sauna bus — as brothers Dan and Sam engaged the Harlem Globetrotters in a foot race to the pit stop. Here are a few dos and don’ts as the Race‘s end draws near. –Carrie Bell

1. Get a taxi at any cost. All-Americans Meghan and Cheyne cut off a cabbie in the middle of the road to get directions to the ferry. Mr. America Brian, who hung out the window and waved his arms, said he was “lassoing taxis.” And when the two teams spotted a cab simultaneously, Mr. America let the other team take it but asked their driver to call for another cab. As their cabbie was going to make the call, the All-Americans told him to forget it. “We don’t care about them,” Meghan said. Meanwhile, the brothers resorted to begging occupants of a taxi to get out. That didn’t work and they found themselves fighting with the Globetrotters over transportation. With neither team backing down, the rivals ended up sharing a minivan. Another AR golden rule: Stay within sight of at least one other team.

2. It’s okay to let them see you sweat. For the speed bump, Matt and Gary had to find the local sauna-on-wheels and sardine themselves in with a group of locals for five minutes in the hot box. Dad blabbed on and on about his love of saunas and even sang on song about them. Matt looked mortified considering the hot blonde sweating next to him.

3. Stay calm. Once teams figured out how to open the secret door to the Mustpeade Maja’s secret lair, one teammate had to solve a mystery by finding a candelabra and then the room with a corresponding number, collect a blank scroll and figure out that holding it up to the fire revealed their next location. Apparently, Matt’s not a Liberace fan as he didn’t know what a candelabra was. When he did find it, he pulled it away from the flame too quickly to reveal the entire clue, so he and his dad headed to the Pikk Hermann Tower instead of its garden, wasting valuable time and energy trying to get in the turret.

4. Play Dirty. Teams chose between playing bog volleyball against a local team or shooting vegetables with a slingshot at a target while standing in a bog. Arriving and finishing first, the All-Americans made the game look easy despite the thigh-high mud. The Globetrotter feud with the brothers grew as they spiked and bumped side-by-side. The b-ballers scored their final point first but went the wrong way down the bog path. When they realized their error, they sprinted and collided with their enemy causing two to fall into the bog. At the mat, they accused the brothers of throwing elbows and said they’ll do whatever it takes to win. Both teams could learn something from the gracious ousting of the father and son team, who both said having fun was their No. 1 goal.

Tell us: What happened with the Globetrotters and the brothers? Whose side are you on? What about the All-Americans’ taxi antics?Monty Brinton/CBS