By People Staff
Updated November 03, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS/Landov

Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race proved that romantic couples (especially divorced or newly dating) may run into tension when the going gets tough. While brother-and-sister teams (like Nick and Starr) and best-friend teams (like Kelly and Christy) weathered stresses easier, Ken and Tina and Terence and Sarah both struggled on the race, succumbing to arguments, rushed pressure and bad breaks (mainly from the taxis). But it wasn’t all unlucky for those in love. Sunday’s leg was a non-elimination part of the Race, which saved Ken and Tina, who finished last. Getting saved, however, didn’t stop Ken from crying over his relationship with the domineering Tina. Brush away the tears, Ken, you’ll be back next week!

For the various relationship issues, we’ve offered our advice on how to ease racing tensions. — Nicholas White

Team “Dandrew” revealed its weakness Sunday and it’s not the quiet Andrew half — it’s the volatile and impatient Dan, who is prone to temper tantrums. When a wind gust blew over their pile of folded laundry, Dan blew up and began ranting inappropriately while Andrew ironed. Dandrew could be headed for trouble after finishing next-to-last this week. Suggestion: Take a breather at this pit stop and do some brotherly bonding.

We know Sarah had some chutzpah, but she’s been going easy on her boyfriend Terence, who is prone to emotional wipeouts. When he gave her a hard time during the car-painting challenge, Sarah finally snapped back, telling Terence not to talk to her abrasively. The team’s physical invincibility may not be enough to overcome their personal weaknesses. Suggestion: Terence should be limited to speaking 200 words per episode. Tension would be cut in half.

Nick and Starr are like a slick moving sports car, finishing first this week — and winning a pair of electric cars in the process. Propelled by Nick’s grinning determination and Starr’s quick thinking, the brother and sister are a strong act to beat. Their relationship seems completely without cracks, and arguing has been virtually nonexistent. The only thing that could doom their chances would be bad luck. Suggestion: Maintain good karma.

Kelly and Christy, who are most likable when they’re focused on the game, have limited their fighting with other teams. And it has paid off. The divorcees finished second on Sunday’s episode and didn’t dust up with Dallas and Toni, whom they called “Wolfmother” and “Teen Wolf” on last week’s episode. Suggestion: Keep your head in the game and play nice.

Dallas and Starr have found opportunities during the Race to trade flirty vibes with each other — and they’re not afraid to talk about it. Starr says she definitely wants to stay friends with Dallas after the show, smiling. We know what that means. The energy coming from this potential new couple is accentuated by their teams’ competitiveness. Dallas’s confidence and handsome face seem a good match for Starr’s smiley, cheerleader-like enthusiasm. Suggestion: It’s okay to get romantic after The Race. Just remember, The competition is still on and either of you could use that $1 million prize to take a special someone on a date. Monty Brinton/CBS/Landov