'The Amazing Race' Recap: Margie & Luke Use Blind U-Turnr

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It was a tough leg for teams on Sunday’s leg of The Amazing Race 14, which took them to Siberia for wood stacking, bobsledding and spelling — in Russian. Eight teams went in and seven came out with Margie and Luke slapping Kris and Amanda‘s photo on the U-Turn, which turned out to be a devastating blow to the dating couple.

Dam Airport Connections: Teams had to fly to Krasnoyarsk, Russia, deep in snowy Siberia and find the dam pictured on the back of the 10-ruble note. The flight attendants stopped at an Internet caf and used their training to book a good flight. The stuntmen were anything but savvy when they borrowed the driver’s phone, which dialed the cheerleaders in another cab, and fell for the girls pretending to be Lufthansa booking agents. The teams split onto four flights into Moscow and were scheduled to regroup on the same connection, but five teams missed the connection. All three leading teams made it to the next two stops before the others got to town.

Stack Attack: A clue at Church Saint Innokenty told them they had to either stack wood or build a set of shutters and install them on a marked house. Everyone chose the wood first although only half the teams finished it without a problem. The stuntmen abandoned the task first and set off to make the shutters but couldn’t find the house until Mike and Mel showed up and helped them. Later, they ran out of money to pay the taxi and tried bargaining with jackets and watches.

Little Help For Their Friends: The sisters finished the detour first and headed to the museum for the book, The Last Bow. They found a U-Turn (using it forces another team to complete both Detour tasks) and this season’s new twist was that teams no longer have to identify themselves as the turners. Margie and Luke were the unlikely culprits who used it to slow down Kris and Amanda in order to give their buddies, the cheerleaders, whose stack fell, an advantage over the “young, strong” team. They felt bad and apologized onscreen.

Bob-N-Read: Teams headed to the Bobrovy Log Park and one member had to complete a bobsled course in under four minutes, looking for seven letters posted along the track, which they had to remember and unscramble to reveal the name of a Russian playwright. Less than half of the teams knew who the answer (Chekhov) even after they figured it out by trying random letter combos. Jaime was so shocked she got it on the first try that she fell to the ground. Luke’s deafness posed an interesting obstacle here as he considers English his second language. He was clearly getting frustrated, but mom was so encouraging and he never gave up.

Stage Right On: The pit stop was at a local theatre, where the sisters, who finished bobsledding first, couldn’t find the main entrance, which allowed the flight attendants to pull into first and win motorcycles. Despite giving it the old college try, Amanda and Kris could not overcome the U-Turn. The stuntmen should send mother and son a fruit basket as this leg’s lengthy list of mistakes would have seen them in couple’s place without the penalty. — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Did Margie and Luke make the right decision to use the U-Turn on Amanda and Kris?Chris Castallo/CBS

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