By People Staff
Updated November 24, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: CBS

As (occasionally) hapless Team Dandrew slipped through to next week by the skin of their fraternity teeth, Amazing Race fans got a close-up look last night at the final four remaining teams. (College friends Dan and Andrew finished last, but were spared by a non-elimination leg.) It will be a foot race to the finish, as three of the four teams look to be equally strong. Below, we take a look at their odds to win next Sunday’s final Race. –Nicholas White

Dan and Andrew: 100:1. We love Team Superbad (who started Sunday without shoes) as much as everyone else. Not having enough money for a cabbie because they used their money to buy ugly sneakers was charming, though, Ken called them “bumbling.” It’s true: these guys stand little realistic chance of winning. It makes us wonder, how did they get this far? The two have only flirted briefly with the penthouse. To stack the deck further, Dandrew have a Speed Bump challenge next week, putting the tortoise-footed guys at a time disadvantage against their ultra-competitive foes. “People like seeing underdogs,” Andrew said on Sunday’s show. But it’ll be an all-out dog fight for these guys to win. Ken and Tina: 5:1. The NFL vet and his driven, separated wife were a surprise pairing in this year’s Race that have become fan favorites. Ken’s lumberjack strength wins challenges (witness how he dwarfed the scrawny Nick on Sunday’s flour sack carrying challenge) and Tina is super competitive. Their weakness? Possible fatigue. Ken and Tina looked to be slowing down ever-so-slightly.

Dallas and Toni: 5:2. Who would have thought that a college student and his 50-something mother would be right in the thick of the Race? Dallas started off quietly and has come on strong progressively through the weeks, with the mother-son duo taking first place for the first time Sunday. And Dallas’s inter-team romance with Starr seems to be helping both teams sprint towards the finish line. Going against them? If Mom gets stuck on a tough physical challenge, or if the two get too far behind, they could be vulnerable.

Nick and Starr: 2:1. From several months ago, it was clear that the 20-something brother and sister team–who hailed from family of morticians–had a different approach to winning the game. While they’ve been steadily burying the competition, the sibs are starting to show signs of weakness (they barely escaped last place Sunday because of endless taxi problems). Starr’s worrying could poison morale, but look for Nick to act as a counterbalance and lead the brother-sister duo to the cross the finish line first–even it’s by a hair. –Nicholas White

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