November 23, 2009 12:00 AM

The Czech Republic welcomed the final four for a leg filled with trickier clues, feats of upper-body strength, bickering, failed alliances and transportation theft. The following travel tips were gleaned from watching the episode, which was more heated than last week’s elbow-gate. – Carrie Bell

1. Don’t mock your traveling companion. Especially if you don’t know what you’re talking about either. One brother inquired if they speak Spanish in Prague. The other laughed at his stupid question just before foolishly declaring Prague a country.

2. If you have time to lean, you have time to surf the net. Teams had a few hours to kill at the Estonian airport and yet only two teams bothered to use the readily available computers to deduce what a vintage Praga (an antique convertible) is despite the fact that they were instructed to find one. Meghan decided to fib about the definition before she overheard the Globetrotters figure it out. The brothers lucked out when they arrived simultaneously with The All-Americans and could watch them run to the car. Otherwise, it would have be candelabra-gate all over again. Which it kind of was when Mr. And Miss America arrived solo and clueless

3. It’s possible to get bad advice from locals. Sure, they usually know more about their city than you, but Mr. and Miss America chose the bus/subway option instead of a cab because another plane passenger told them that was the quickest way to old town. Not that day! They wizened up mid-trip and hailed a cab, but they’d already fallen behind and never got out of last place. In other smart taxi moves, the Globetrotters ditched an ancient driver who drove like, well, an senior citizen.

4. Never underestimate the technical difficulty of a detour. The brothers assumed white-water kayaking at an outdoor adventure center was going to be easy while everyone else chose the less risky (albeit grueling) ropes course. They tipped over before they could grab the ribbon three times and plunged into the same name-calling, order-shouting and death-threatening banter witnessed at the hay bales. They switched tasks just as the Globetrotters and All-Americans finished.

5. Don’t offer sabotage suggestions to the competition. Flight Time was the first person to start the descent down the scaffolding, which only held one person at a time. He was dragging after the ropes, but Cheyne assumed he was trying to slow them down as his teammate hadn’t completed the course yet and starting yelling about foul play, which in turn, gave Flight Time the idea to stall. They continued to butt heads when the All-Americans asked to work together to tram it to the next box but instead jumped into a random taxi passing by. Meghan thought Cheyne handled the situation rudely and gave him a talking-to on the way to the Estates Theatre, but he reminded her that this “isn’t hold-your-hand game.” This was not the sneakiest move of the leg. That honor belongs to the brothers who offered Mr. America’s driver, who he’d asked to wait, more money to leave them while they were hanging in mid-air. They tried to dissuade him but the guy decided to take the offer. The brothers knew they played dirty (albeit smart) as they couldn’t look their opponents in the eyes when they finally showed last to the opera house where Mozart debuted Don Giovanni.

6. As Lady Gaga says, just dance. While his teammate searched more than 600 seats and various private rooms to find the mini mandolin to give to Don, Flight Time remained calm by dancing and faking an aria. It also helped out the constant irritation that was Meghan saying Cheyne’s name repeatedly. Of course, the All-Americans were first to find it and get to the pit stop, Prague Castle. Erica trudged through the theater (Why did she participate when the clue mentioned composure?) defeated, but will still have time to “go for the jugular” next round as it was a non-elimination leg.

TELL US: Was stealing the taxi going to far? Do Mr. and Miss America stand a chance at a comeback considering they’ll have a penalty task? Who do you want to see in the top three?CBS

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