'The Amazing Race' : Margie & Luke Take an Early Lead

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

And they’re off! The Amazing Race‘s 14th season started at the Joint Forces training base outside of Los Angeles, where 11 new teams took off on a race around the world — with a $1 million prize up for grabs.

There, the teams gathered to meet host Phil Keoghen, who delivered these parting words: “The world is waiting for you … Travel safe. Ready, set, go!”

Their first destination: Switzerland. Brother and sister team Tammy and Victor and father and son duo Mel and Mike got an early lead. But soon enough, all teams were on one of two pre-determined flights to Europe. Linda and Steve, a couple married 17 years, were nervous because this was their first time out of the country. Luke, who is deaf, signed that he hoped his mom can keep up with him. With the teams sizing each other up, TV writer Mike said, “I think the other teams are going to think my dad is Cloris Leachman, but he really is MacGyver.”

Once they landed, teams took the train from either Zurich or Milan to Locarno, Switzerland, and headed to the Church of San Antonio, where they signed up for one of three times to leave the next day. Preston and Jennifer missed the train and began an argument that they may still be having. “I’ve never in my life even been to a train station,” Jennifer said as she tried to keep up with Preston.

After camping out for the night and getting to know each other, the teams got their next clue from the priest at the church, which told them to head to the Verzasca Dam. “Who has nerves of steel?” their clue said. One team member had to do a 70-story bungee jump off the dam.

After the jump, teams made their way to Interlaken, Switzerland, by train. Once there, they went to Kleine Rugen Wiese where they all had to transport 200 lbs. of cheese from a shed on top of a hill to a bench at the bottom. Moving cheese was much harder than it looked. The hill was steep and slippery and every team ended up falling up and down the hill, sending wheels of cheese flying.

Margie and Luke finished first and headed off to the pit stop, where they (ironically) had to listen for yodelers in order to find Phil and the mat. They arrived first and Phil signed to Luke that they won a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta. Tammy and Victor finished a close second and look like a team to watch this season. Arriving last, Preston — with Jennifer riding piggyback — couldn’t beat flight attendants Christie and Jodie, who edged them out and were safe. Even though they only made it through the first leg, Jennifer said that being on the Race has helped their relationship. We’ll see if they’re still together when they greet the winners at the finale. — Liz Berman

Tell us: Who is your favorite team? Who do you think will win the Race?

Robert Voets/CBS

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