By People Staff
Updated October 27, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Chris Castallo/CBS

Peccadilloes of all kinds are emerging among the six remaining teams, who reveal their true colors as they reached their fourth continent on Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race, which sent long-distance couple Ty and Aja home. Some teams show grace under fire while others — like Terence with his irritated glances, Dan with his anxious chatter and Kelly and Christy with their name-calling — show their tortured personalities as the stress of the globetrotting builds. Here’s a rundown of how the teams are holding up on the Race. — Nicholas White

Nick & Starr: When Nick intentionally misleads a bewildered Tina in Angkor Wat (built in the 12th century, it’s the largest religious building in the world), he shows why he’s proudly part of the Race‘s most dishonest team. Starr, sporting a wrist band from an injury last week, has sanded off some of the more pretentious elements of her personality — there goes the makeup and the pomp! — and become more business-like.

Dallas & Toni: Enough of Dallas’s faux-stupidity. Clearly he is a smart college guy, but claims not to be able to locate countries like Cambodia on a map. Toni, nearing AARP territory, holds her own in the trying physical conditions, but moves slowly. Wading in the muddy water and searching for fish baskets, she looks like the victim of cruel and unusual punishment. Dallas is determined to flirt with other teams — even though the cold Kelly and Christy shot him down.

Sarah & Terence: Sarah is endlessly supportive of a high-strung Terence, who grits his teeth and shoots a death look into the distance when he doesn’t get the answer he wants. His physicality makes him an asset but his complaining makes him annoying. When Sarah runs ahead, he gripes about being left behind. Also weird: He likes to be physically caressed for good luck. At least Terence played it cool when he was pulled over by the New Zealand cop for speeding.

Ken & Tina: The powerhouses show an Achilles heel this week, when she panics under the spotlight. Entering Angkor Wat with an advantage, Tina circles the enormous grounds without a plan and wastes time worrying to herself. The team escapes in tact but Tina apologizes to Ken at the finish line, saying they should have finished sooner. Dense but competitive, Ken calls her “old” and Tina, who’s more effective when she’s cracking the whip, snaps back.

Kelly & Christy: These two love to start fights with other teams. Their targets this week are the hapless Dan and Andrew — “Dandrew,” they call the guys — and Dallas and Toni, who they derisively call Teen Wolf and Wolf Mother. Not nice, ladies! They are versatile, however, and when they concentrate, they finish quickly.

Dan & Andrew: Dan’s bossy side has come out with a force. His annoying, frenetic worrying about the team’s pace could infiltrate their confidence. He blames Andrew for being nonchalant and a quiet Andrew is bothered by the harassment. The duo have finished near the bottom in most legs of the race so far, so look for them to be on the chopping block (and bickering) next week.

Aja & Ty: This week’s eliminated team played defeat like they owned it. They started in last place and never had a chance. Aja’s phony false optimism towards the end hinted that she realized they were done. The long-distance couple said they appreciated each other more than ever when asked at the pit stop about what they’d learned on the Race, but she had to beg him to hold hands in the airport. They may have an easy-going demeanor, but Aja and Ty were too disengaged to contend.

Tell us: Who’s playing to win? Who’s playing dirty?Chris Castallo/CBS