The Golden Globe winner gets candid about women's sexuality in showbiz – and her sultry costars

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Ruth Wilson doesn’t do gratuitous sex scenes – not even in the steamy new drama The Affair, for which she just won a Golden Globe.

“These scenes need to be real and they need to have a narrative as much as any other scene,” she told Net-a-Porter‘s magazine. “They can’t be purely titillation. They need to move the story forward and the characters forward.”

The British actress, who just celebrated her 33rd birthday, also spoke frankly about how women are viewed in the entertainment industry: “It’s assumed that women will get their breasts out, and have to get their breasts out, and I balk at that,” she said. “It’s unnecessary and it’s unfair.”

She continued: “Why have I always got to do the orgasm face? There should be a male orgasm face. Why is it always the woman who’s orgasming? Let’s analyze the male orgasm. Why aren’t we thinking about that a bit more?’ ”

Wilson, who is currently making her Broadway debut in Constellations opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, also dismissed the rumors that she and her costar are romantically involved. “We’ve become like brother and sister a little bit,” she said. “I trust him implicitly.”

If there’s one thing she doesn’t trust, though, it’s the tabloids. “They link me to everyone I work with. And that’s because no one knows about my private life, because I don’t tell anyone about my private life,” she said.

As for that report that alleged she was dating Johnny Depp, whom she met while filming Lone Ranger? “I have it hanging up at home,” she said. “I was like, ‘This is brilliant. If only they knew I talked to him once on set.'”

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