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It worked for Jericho with peanuts, but will it work for Las Vegas with … baby booties?

After executives at CBS canceled Jericho, a show about post-apocalyptic life in rural Kansas, angry fans delivered 20 tons of peanuts to CBS Entertainment offices in New York and California in an act of protest that referenced what they thought might be the final episode of the show, according to USA Today. Reacting to the fans’ dedication, which CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler called an “unprecedented display of passion in support of a prime time television series,” the network ordered seven more episodes of the show.

Now, fans of Las Vegas, which was recently canceled by NBC, are launching their own campaign to demand a real ending to the show by sending baby booties directly to network executives. The show’s final episode was the first half of a two-part cliffhanger about Molly Sims‘ pregnant character, Delinda Deline.

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