Wilmer Valderrama: Sorry, Not Sorry, 'That 70's Show' Fans – 'Fez Will Never Happen Again'

The actor also talked about his "dangerous and explosive and very delicious" new leading role on NCIS

Photo: Diane Bondareff/AP

Bad news for Fez fanatics: Wilmer Valderrama and his beloved That ’70s Show character are never, ever getting back together.

Valderrama told PEOPLE at an event for his new partnership with Old Spice in Sharps Barber and Shop, in Le Parker Meridien, New York, that “Fez will never happen again.”

But that doesn’t mean comedy is out of the question for the actor.

“To return to comedy would be really exciting,” he admitted while getting styled by celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen with Old Spice hair stylers Pomade, Putty and Paste. “Comedy is something I really miss, but drama and action drama, it’s pretty fulfilling because I did comedy for so long. Thankfully I’m in a situation where I can say, ‘What do I want to do today?’ So its been great.”

Those still attached to Valderrama’s silly side needn’t worry: “I’m doing something now that we’re getting ready to announce, it’s another big surprise; it’s a pretty big year for me, and I’m returning to comedy in a style that I think is gonna be very nostalgic.”

Until then, action is his main focus, thanks to his recently announced role on NCIS. The Minority Report actor will join the CBS drama’s 14th season as a series regular.

“I just think that they’ve done something really unique. They’ve found a voice, they are the biggest show on television,” Valderrama, 36, said of why he was attracted to the show. “I’m very flattered that they have asked me to come and join the leading squad there with Mark Harmon.”

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The actor, who recently split from Demi Lovato after six years of dating, is after more than action, though.

“Sentimentally, as a minority to be able to come in as a Latin man and be the first to lead the show with them, it’s exciting,” says Valderrama, who was raised in Venezuela and is Venezuelan and Colombian. “And the character that I’m playing really was the deciding point because I said, ‘I don’t want come play just a cop or agent or whatever.’ I want to do something drastically different and disturb the peace a little bit and the format of the show. So what we’re doing is pretty dangerous and explosive and very delicious; my character’s gonna a lot of fun.”

He also revealed some exciting details about his new role.

“It’s nothing NCIS has ever seen,” he divulged. “We’ve created this character from scratch, and this guy is a super unpredictable, fun, disarming kind of guy. He’s the guy who jumps through the window first and then asks questions. I’m excited because I’ve been doing a lot more action the last couple of years so for me to be able to continue that, it’s gonna be fun.”

Plus, there are other perks.

“The opportunity to return to network,” he adds. “The opportunity to return to that audience; some of that audience saw me grow up as well, so to show them a different side of me was really fun.”

NCIS returns Sept. 20 on CBS.

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