The Ranch will begin streaming on Netflix in April

By Patrick Gomez
March 10, 2016 09:00 AM

“I decided it was time to be MVP of life and not just football,” that is how Ashton Kutcher‘s character describes his decision to move back home to live with his family on a rural ranch in, well, The Ranch.

Kutcher is joined on the new Netflix comedy series by Danny Masterson, who plays his brother, Debra Winger, who plays his mother, and Sam Elliott, who plays his father.

And moving home does not come without it’s conflicts – as is shown it the sitcom’s trailer, which is debuting exclusively on PEOPLE.

The patriarch of the family tries to convince Kutcher’s 34-year-old character to stop chasing his dreams of football stardom and a chance at a hot romance leads to literal fire with a character played by Elisha Cuthbert.

“A lot of the show plays outdoors, which is unconventional for a sitcom,” Kutcher has told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re breaking a bunch of rules, but at the same time, it’s a sitcom about fathers and sons, and what it’s like to live in that town you just want to get out of.”

The Ranch is slated to begin streaming on Netflix in April.