Thandie Newton stars as Maeve Millay in HBO’s Westworld 

By Ally Mauch
September 09, 2020 12:40 PM

Thandie Newton is channeling her Westworld character in her real life.

The actress, 47, shared a video to her Instagram page Wednesday showing an old stunt rehearsal from last year, writing that it "feels good" to remember her character. In the rehearsal, Newton, who stars as Maeve Millay on the futuristic HBO show, powerfully wields a sword.

“Feels good to remember this stunt rehearsal @Westworld 2019 @taramacken,” she captioned the video. “Really good.”

“It feels good to channel #Maeve,” the caption continued. “I need to get my power back. I’m a Fighter, not a Lover. T x ✊🏽”

Westworld, which also stars Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth, aired its third season in the spring and was renewed for a fourth in April, though it’s unclear when the next season will premiere.

Also in April, Newton shared a video of herself recording Westworld audio, having turned her car into a personal, makeshift recording studio because professional recording studios remained closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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In the video, Newton is recording audio for what appeared to be a fight scene while sitting in the front seat of her car.

“Lockdown. Been having to create a DIY sound studio (in the car, in the garage, recording into my i phone while hooked up to LA on my laptop) to do ADR (additional dialogue recording) for @westworldhbo,” Newton wrote alongside the video.

She continued, “WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!!!!! We’re doing everything we can during Covid19 to bring the show to you. Without these trans global, tenacious cheats, the full season couldn’t get finished (while you watch each episode the future ones are still being completed😯). Huge thanks to our incredible post production team for making magic happen. Episode 5 tonight. Gonna slay. Xxxx T”