Teyana Taylor from Kanye West's 'Fade' Says She 'Eats Everything' and Doesn't Hit the Gym: 'Dancing Is My Workout'

Teyana Taylor's secret to her amazing body isn't what you'd think


Teyana Taylor, the star of Kanye West‘s “Fade” music video, is revealing the secret to her rocking body – and it’s not what you’d think.

Since the 25-year-old singer and dancer made national headlines thanks to her performance in the music video premiered at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, celebrities and fans alike have been dying to know just how she achieved such an envy-inducing physique.

“Dancing is my workout. I just dance. I almost feel like dance is so underrated in the fitness world,” she told E! News.

Taylor appeared in the Flashdance-inspired video wearing only a sports bra and underwear, showing off her chiseled abs and toned arms and legs.

The performance set the Internet ablaze with social media users posting about Taylor’s amazing body – and wondering what she did to get it.

But, it seems hours in the gym and strict diets aren’t the star’s thing.

“Teyana Taylor has always just had a crazy dope body and the way she ‘works out’ is dancing in the studio,” a source told E! “That’s her workout.”

Taylor said that she doesn’t diet and “eats everything” – “She is the kind of girl that eats donuts and candy for breakfast,” the source told E!

She echoed her statements to Vogue, telling the magazine, “My diet sucks. I eat pizza, fried chicken, macaroni; I don’t eat vegetables. But I dance!”

The singer, who welcomed her first child with Iman Shumpert just eight months ago, said she learned about the project just three weeks before shooting began – and didn’t work too hard for her post-baby body.

“When I saw it, I was just as in shock as everyone else,” she told E! of the video. “I didn’t see the final product until he premiered it.”

She told Vogue that she didn’t know what West would end up doing with the video at the award show.

“When I heard that the video was going to be premiering at the VMAs, I was like ‘Oh my god, it’s tonight! Do I look good? Do I look great? Is he going to change his mind and not premiere it?’ ” she said. “At that point I had already told all of my family, but even when he went onstage and I saw him, I thought he might just wind up doing something completely different because you just never know with Kanye.”

Taylor said her heard “started beating so fast” when West presented the video – “When they played it and it said Teyana Taylor and I was walking through the bars, I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s about to go down!’ ”

She said the project came about when she ran into West at a recording studio and the two began simply talking about their families and their careers.

“I think that really inspired him for the video,” she said. “Literally, when I left the studio and went back to my recording room, [a head representative from G.O.O.D. Music] came up to me and said Kanye wanted me to dance to one of his songs—for ‘Fade.’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, you’re lying.’ ”

Taylor told Vogue that she worked with the rapper to come up with the concept for the music video and she did the choreography, with some help from two of her collaborators.

She said West was on set the entire time and would often say, “Iconic. Iconic. This is going to be crazy.”

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And, according to the Internet it was. Taylor became the talk of the Twittersphere, with many commenting on her body – and the cat face she donned at the end of the video.

“[West] was like, ‘I’m going to put you in this cat face. It’s going to be chic,’ ” the star said. “I was in three hours of makeup and prosthetics to get in that thing on my face.”

The cat face wasn’t the only moment that left viewers scratching their heads. The ending scene saw Taylor’s family surrounded by sheep.

“They were s—— all over the place – there was poop everywhere!” Taylor began. “I didn’t know what was going on. I thought, ‘This crazy mother-effer. He’s got 15 sheep in this gym right now, with poop all over the place.’ “

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