History's Alamo new miniseries premieres Memorial Day

By Emily Strohm
Updated January 09, 2015 03:45 PM

On Memorial Day, the West is getting wilder than ever!

In an exclusive new First Look trailer for History’s Texas Rising, cast members Bill Paxton, Ray Liotta and Brendan Fraser get roped into plenty of action, including a steamy bathtub encounter!

From the same producers of the network’s 2012 hit Hatfields and McCoys, the eight-hour miniseries (premiering May 25) details the Texas revolution against Mexico and the rise of the legendary Texas Rangers.

Paxton stars as legend Sam Houston, the “father” of Texas, Liotta plays an Alamo survivor and Fraser a Texas Ranger (with incredibly luxurious hair).

In case it wasn’t clear before, Rising puts a bullet by that old warning: Do not mess with Texas.