A spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney confirmed Terry Crews' sexual assault case against Adam Venit had been rejected because the statue of limitations had expired

Months after Terry Crews filed a lawsuit against WME talent agent Adam Venit, alleging the executive had groped him at a party in 2016, the case has been dismissed.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney confirmed to PEOPLE they were “referred that matter by the DA’s office, but we declined to file because the matter was beyond the statute of limitations for misdemeanors.”

The LA County District Attorney had previously rejected the actor’s complaint after deciding Venit’s alleged conduct could not be considered a felony, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. (E! first reported the news.)

The DA reached that decision because Venit “did not make contact with the victim’s skin when he grabbed [Crews’] genitals,” according to the documents. It was also reported by TMZ that the DA rejected the case because Venit did not restrain the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor at the time the alleged conduct occurred.

The Los Angeles District Attorney did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Credit: Brian To/FilmMagic; Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Image

In October, amid mounting allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, Crews, 49, claimed that in 2016 a “high level Hollywood executive” had “groped my privates” at a party.

Following his decision to file a report with the Los Angeles Police Department in November, Crews named his alleged assailant as Venit — who had reportedly gone on leave from WME earlier that month — during a sit-down interview with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. WME confirmed to ABC News that the agent “has been suspended following the internal investigation into the matter.”

“I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong, nothing,” Crews said.

According to legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, Venit denied “each and every allegation” made by Crews in a lawsuit the actor filed against him in December.

In the documents, Venit denied that Crews had “sustained any injury or loss” and also claimed that his alleged actions and conduct had not been “sexual.”