Cha-Ching! Terry Crews Approves Woman's Request to Put His Face on Her Debit Card

When a woman was told she couldn't get a picture of Terry Crews on her debit card without the actor's permission, she asked for the Internet's help getting his attention  and it worked

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Terry Crews saved the day!

After a woman was told she couldn’t get a picture of Crews on her debit card without the actor’s permission, she asked for the Internet’s help getting his attention and it worked.

It all started on Monday, when a woman named Darrel Kennedy announced on Twitter that she was ordering a new debit card with an image of Crews from his role as the very frugal father on Everybody Hates Chris — which she later joked would help inspire her to spend less money.

“Ordering a new debit card,” Kennedy wrote, alongside a shot of her proposed new card.

But on Thursday, Kennedy announced that Wells Fargo had rejected her request, saying she needed to get written approval from Crews if she wanted them to reverse their decision.

Not to be deterred, she asked for the Internet’s help in getting the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star’s seal of approval — and the Internet didn’t let her down.

“They rejected my request because they said i needed written approval from @terrycrews😪 Can y’all RT or tag him so a girl can save some 💸💸💸

The post went viral, and within less than an hour, Crews had tweeted at Kennedy, telling her that he consented to being the new face of her debit card.

“I approve. Signed, Terry Crews,” the actor wrote.

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“Y’all I’m dead, Wells Fargo about to be so shook,” Kennedy wrote after she saw that Crews had come to the rescue.

Then, Kennedy tweeted that after talking to Wells Fargo on the phone, not only had the bank approved of her debit card, but it expedited the order.

“UPDATE: They’ve expedited the case and are sending it to @WellsFargo HQ to get it approved. Should have it in my hands in the next two weeks.”

And when Crews heard the good news, he retweeted Kennedy’s victory message alongside celebratory emojis.

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