'Terra's Little Family' Sneak Peek: Terra Jolé Welcomes Penelope Home from Surgery and Reveals She's Already to Have Another Baby!

Terra Jolé opens up about the friend that hurt her most for not coming to visit Penny in the hospital after her surgery, and reveals that she is already gearing up to have another child

Photo: Paria Sadighi

Life has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster for Terra Jolé lately.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s Terra’s Little Family, Terra brings home baby Penelope from a life-endangering surgery and reveals that, surprisingly, it’s actually made she and husband, Joe Gnoffo, “want to continue in having our family.”

“Dealing with all of Penny’s health issues has really made our family stronger and made me realize how precious family is and how much I really want to expand our own family,” says Jolé.

But the homecoming isn’t entirely happy as Terra reveals how much it hurt her that certain friends were not there to support her in the period surrounding Penelope’s surgery.

“I was really disappointed in my friends that didn’t come visit when Penelope was in the hospital – Tonya [Banks] being one of them,” says Jolé. “I need that support, and she wasn’t there.”

And just as Jolé is folding her laundry with Penny recovering on the couch, Banks walks through the front door.

“Girl, I ain’t comin’ here to look at no laundry,” Banks says, as if nothing is wrong. “I came here to look at my Penny.”

Not only did Jolé count on Banks to be there for her as her best friend, she also thought that having been through a spinal decompression surgery, herself, Banks’ experience would help her through Penny’s. But Banks reveals she simply did not think it was a big deal if she didn’t show up to the hospital because it was a rather “simple” surgery.

“This was more, like, simple,” Banks says, offending Jolé.

Adds Banks, “I mean, no surgery is simple, but she’s a baby.”

As if Jolé wasn’t already upset enough at Banks, Jolé decides to address that elephant in the room: “I have to be honest, it, like, hurt my feelings that you didn’t come to the hospital, and I know you have a lot on your plate. It was just hard.”

But after receiving an apology and hug from Banks, Jolé is still uneasy.

“I still feel like if she cared, she would have dropped everything for Penelope,” she says. “I’m gonna get over it, but she better make it up to Penny in the future.”

Terra’s Little Family airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on Lifetime.

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