The star sounds off on the season finale of Little Women: LA
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New mom of two and Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé made history as the first little person to compete on Dancing with the Stars last season, and now she’s back on Lifetime’s hit show and blogging about season 6 exclusively for PEOPLE. Follow Jolé, 36, on Twitter!

My last blog of season six. Bittersweet! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the ride of pure chaos.

Jasmine and I decide to throw an ’80s-themed party. Being born in 1980, I couldn’t be happier! Let’s do this Debbie Gibson style! I’m done with petty fighting. I’ve shared my opinions and, though my friends have different opinions, I don’t feel my opinions were unjustified. All I know is, this prom will be fight-free for me … unless you come for me. Lol.

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Briana feeling like the prom will be a bunch of “mean girls” in high school is just women that once cared for her and now feel like we couldn’t care less. Bring your promiscuous husband and dance the night away, boo! Matt was the quietest I’ve ever seen him that night. For once, my ears were not hearing verbal vomit!

I don’t know who’s cried more this season: me, Briana or Matt. What I do know is therapy won’t make this relationship better. In my eyes, there are two options for Briana: breaking up or an open relationship. Get you some, Briana!!! I’m sadly being serious! Reason being, it’s not the first or the second time this has happened, so it won’t be the last. Good luck “riding or dying,” Matt and Briana. I’m content with this open relationship idea. It clarifies that Briana is okay with what Matt does. It also puts a pin in me EVER getting involved in that reckless version of love again.

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As I watch the last episode of the season, I actually feel that there is a weird jealousy Elena has towards me. I never felt that way until watching her through this episode. It’s sad because, as women, we can stand beside one another and fight for one another instead of against one another. She states that she can do everything her heart desires in the working world just “better than Terra.” Girl, put your spite away and let it go. I thought our friendship was better than jealous emotion. You don’t want to be friends, so I’m not going to force a friendship. Sending my best to you.

Tonya worries me more than Angelique is worried about her parents getting married!! I want both her and Kerwin to be happy. The sad thing is I’m now not sure it’s with each other. I’m praying that they work it out ’cause I adore them both. Marriage takes so much work, but it’s soooo worth every bit of the struggle. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are heavier than the regrets.

Until next season, I’m Terra Jolé! Thank you for tuning into #LittleWomenLA on Lifetime!

Be sure to check out Little Women: Couples Retreat and stay tuned on what Joe and I dig into on the home front. All coming to Lifetime soon! Fierce Mini Mama out! 😉