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March 12, 2010 12:00 AM

Teresa Giudice knows how to keep it classy – just don’t tell her to pay attention, puh-lease. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is flipping the tables on the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York by sounding off on season 3 of their show. In this post, she dissects the ongoing feud between Ramona, LuAnn and Jill which took place during Thursday’s episode:

In this week’s episode,Jill tells LuAnn she wants to talk about Ramona‘s lunch party because she’s “having a little anxiety over it.” The entire episode was giving me anxiety because their arguments are so different from what I’m used to. Here in Jersey, we do everything differently: We’re a little louder, a little crazier maybe, but I think it’s a good thing. We might scream and yell – and flip a table or two – but at least you know where you stand. We scream because we love. I don’t know if i could take the constant behind-the-back talking they do in New York.

For example, the Ramona-LuAnn battle over Ramona’s husband Mario calling LuAnn “Countless”: It was not nice, but get over it! It was just one comment. Instead of just dealing with it head-on they’ve been beating around the bush for two full episodes now. Here’s how that scenario would have gone down in Jersey:

Say my husband Joe cracked a joke about my best friend Jacqueline or her husband Chris said something mean to me. We would both go right to the source and deal with it directly. LuAnn should have gone right to Mario, not put Ramona in the middle of it. When you do that, you’re jeopardizing your friendship. Ramona didn’t say it and LuAnn shouldn’t punish Ramona for it by not going to her party.

In Jersey, we’re straight shooters. We’re not better than New York; we still say things we regret, although Bethenny told Andy Cohen last week she’s never regretted a thing she’s ever said. (I’m not buying it!)

I know the Jersey way of handling things can seem a little aggressive, but I think the New Yorkers are worse because they’re passive aggressive. It’s like the childhood game of “Telephone” when the story just gets worse the longer it goes on. (Speaking of that, Alex was literally doing that in Ramona’s backyard, whispering in her cell phone to Jill about the gossip she’d missed. Seriously?) And letting all that conflict brew inside you isn’t healthy. Better to just get it out. Then you’re done and you can move on.

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