Teresa Giudice got emotional reading a letter from her husband Joe on Wednesday's “Reunion Secrets Revealed” special episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

By Dave Quinn
January 31, 2018 03:38 PM

This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be over, but Bravo’s still got footage to spill on Wednesday’s “Reunion Secrets Revealed” special.

In a sneak peek posted before the episode,  Teresa Giudice is on vacation in Puerto Rico with daughters Gia, 17, Gabriella, 13, Milania, 11, and Audriana, 8.

There, the Standing Strong author gets emotional reading a letter she received from husband Joe Giudice, 45, who began serving a 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud in March 2016.

“Hey babe. Can’t wait till this is over,” Teresa reads from Joe’s note, which was handwritten on a piece of yellow legal paper. “Time is flying. Hope it stopes once I get out. Feels like yesterday we were at Audriana’s age. Crazy now we’re almost 50. Ugh.”

“[I] Miss my family,” Joe continues. “Wish I was there helping out with your parents. They will get better with time. This time shall pass and we will be together with no more separation. Enough of this crap.”

Teresa Giudice

He ends his note with a supportive message for Teresa, telling her, “Stay strong, my love, for the kids.”

“Keep it together. I’ll be out before you know it,” Joe writes. “We have four great kids and I have you, which keeps me going in here. This place sucks. They bore you to death. Can’t wait to come home. Love you.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort

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Earlier this month, Teresa told fans on the first part of the RHONJ season 8 reunion that she never considered walking out on her husband of nearly 20 years.

Moreover, Teresa made it clear that she isn’t a pushover when it comes to Joe.

“You guys see me flip a table. You’ve seen me push [Andy],” she said, pointing to her more memorable moments on the show. “You can tell, I don’t take s—. So if my husband didn’t treat me the right way, trust me, I would not take it.”

“I always put my husband in his place,” she added. “For real.”

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Perhaps the difference is that Teresa spent 11 months in prison for the same crimes, time that she said taught her to cherish every moment she has with her four daughters.

“They lost me and then they lost Joe,” she said, adding how Joe’s father and her mother had both recently died as well. “Hello, it’s been a crazy few years. That’s why nobody can compare themselves to what I’m going through. Nobody is walking in my shoes.”

Teresa Giudice and daughters Gabriella, Audriana, Milania and Gia
Teresa Giudice/Instagram

There is one thing on her mind: the looming threat that once Joe is released, authorities might deport him back to Italy, where he was born.

But Teresa remains strong. “I mean, Italy’s a beautiful place to live,” she said. “I wouldn’t mind, you know, I’m just saying.”

“Whatever God has planned for me, that’s what’s going to happen,” she continued. “I will embrace it the best I can.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.