The reality star describes the moment she realized her room was a hub of sexual activity

By Charlotte Triggs and Emily Strohm
Updated February 09, 2016 06:00 AM
Credit: Gillian Laub

Teresa Giudice wants to explain the truth about the Boom Boom Room.

Despite published reports saying that she was locked in “Lesbian Sex Cell Hell,” Giudice, 43, says she had a mellow attitude about her roommates getting busy in her presence during her nearly yearlong prison sentence.

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“I’m pretty laid-back, pretty cool, and if that’s what you want to do to make your time go by, then I’m not going to mess that up for you,” Giudice tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview in this week’s issue. “But I don’t need to watch. They didn’t make it a secret, so I just put a blanket over my head.”

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In her new memoir, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again – which was written with PEOPLE Staff Writer K.C. Baker and hits stores Tuesday – Giudice described the moment she realized her bunkmates were having sex – and shared that the room became so notorious, it was nicknamed the Boom Boom Room.

“One night, I looked over and I saw the girls in bed together. What’s the saying? There was no shame in their game!” she tells PEOPLE. “They were hanging out and then when the lights went out, they got busy.”

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There were actually two pairs of women who hooked up on the regular in Giudice’s quarters, but the fun times came to an end when a new roommate moved in.

“When another girl arrived in our room, it all stopped because she wasn’t having it,” Giudice says.