Teresa Giudice says her father feels "guilt because he never got to say goodbye" to her late mother "because he was sick"

It’s been more than a year since her mother died, but Teresa Giudice‘s father continues to feel guilt over the loss of his wife.

“She’s putting a lot of emphasis on the release of guilt around your father,” Hollywood Medium‘s Tyler Henry tells Teresa, 45, about a reading he receives from her late mom, Antonia Gorga, in PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode.

Upon hearing Henry’s reading, Teresa admits that her dad, Giacinto Gorga,”does feel guilt because he never got to say goodbye to her because he was sick.” Her mother Antonia died at the age of 66 in March 2017 after a battle with pneumonia.

Teresa Giudice, Antonia Gorga and Joe Gorga
| Credit: Teresa Giudice/Instagram

“He got pneumonia and he went to the hospital, and then she got pneumonia the next day,” she explains about her dad, who now lives at her home with her four daughters. “So then they brought her to a different hospital, so they never got to see each other.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star shares that when her father got sick, and she received a phone call explaining he was unable to breathe and “the ambulance was going to take him to the hospital. So I stayed with my mother, my brother went with my dad. Then the next day, my mom started not feeling well.”

She adds, “But I think she knew she was going to leave, and she didn’t want my dad to see her. It was a very hard day.”

“I didn’t want him to know she was in the hospital because I didn’t want him to get upset,” she tells Henry. “I figured when they got better, they were going to see each other, you know? So my dad never got to say goodbye to her, and then it’s like, I had to tell my father. It was so hard,” she says with tears welling up in her eyes. “Me and my brother, it was like really hard.”

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The moment Teresa and her brother walked into her father’s hospital room together, she says, Giacinto “knew right away. Me and my brother were a mess.”

Though her father continues to grapple with feelings of guilt, Henry, 22, assures the reality star that her mother wants her father to “let go” of it.

“I hope that he is able to let that go,” he tells her.

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