"Nobody's going to talk about my husband or me," RHONJ's Teresa Giudice tells Kim DePaola, referring to rumors that she's been  cheating on Joe

By Dana Rose Falcone
December 06, 2017 10:00 PM

Teresa Giudice wasted no time confronting Kim DePaola after Dolores Catania told her that the boutique owner has been telling people she cheated on her husband Joe Giudice while he’s in jail. On Wednesday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, friendships were tested as the group took sides when Giudice, 45, and DePaola faced off at her charity fashion show.

DePaola rehashed the rumor while getting runway ready with Catania, 46, and Siggly Flicker, who were walking in the show. She even claimed that one of the hairdressers pitching in at the event, Lina, recently saw Giudice about town with another man as her husband serves a 41-month sentence in prison for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. “This is what I don’t like,” Flicker, 50, told DePaola. “When you’re messing with someone’s marriage, there are children involved.”

Giudice & her husband
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Flicker stated point blank, “I do not believe Teresa’s cheating on Joe.”

Neither did Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs, who —after grabbing a round of pineapple vodkas — confronted DePaola with Giudice just before the fashion show kicked off.

“News came back to me from Dolores,” Giudice informed DePaola. “Listen, nobody’s going to talk about my husband or me.”

“Too bad,” DePaola responded.

Her ambivalent retort set off Giudice: “Kim you’re so f—ed up. You talked about my husband two f—ing years ago. Did you see him f—ing another girl?”

“No I did not,” DePaola asserted, adding that she simply spreads lies “because I feel like it.”

The ladies called each other “dirty bitches” and then DePaola revealed the basis for her latest round of claims. “I have girls, models here, that saw you’re going out to clubs every freakin’ night,” she said. Gorga, 38, jumped in and shouted at DePaola, “You’re the queen of going out!”

“Wait a minute — I don’t have a husband and kids,” DePaola responded.

Giudice didn’t stand for the excuse that having a family means you can’t go out with friends. “There’s no chain on my foot, I can do whatever the hell I want,” she declared. “I go out with Siggy, I go out with Dolores and who gives a f— what I do? It’s my f–ing business. I want to f—ing straighten you out right away.”

But after Giudice called DePaola “white trash,” the Posche by Kim D owner resorted to bringing up the Celebrity Apprentice alum’s troubled past. “You’re white trash!” DePaola shouted. “You were the one who was in f—ing jail, not me. If you throw something at me, you’re leaving in handcuffs and going back where you were.”

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Giudice then bated DePaola to “come at me” by calling her a “coke whore” and “homewrecker.” “I would love to fucking grab you by the back of your head,” Giudice said before angrily knocking over a chair. Before walking off to kick off the fundraiser, DePaola threatened, ” You f—ing touch me and you’re done.”

Catania and Flicker hung back, and a received Gorga’s wrath. “Siggy, Dolores, after seeing that you’re going to go walk in the show?” she asked. Gorga and Catania got in each other’s faces, and Catania offered her justification. “This is for a charity,” she explained. “Why would I not walk in the show for a charity?”

But Guidice got in the last word before she left with Gorga, Staub, 55, and Josephs, 50. “That’s what you guys are fu—ing hanging out with, f— you,” Giudice yelled at Flicker and Catania. “But girls, they’re like little puppets. All Kim D.’s puppets.”

Debriefing afterwards at Josephs’ house, Giudice said she was glad she set the record straight, but questioned Flicker and Catania’s loyalty. “You said something and I just met you,” Giudice said to the RHONJ newcomer. “With Siggy and Dolores, I’m sorry, I’m like, really torn right now. They’re just going to have to come to me.”

Catania and Flicker received a push in Giudice’s direction from Catania’s ex-husband Frank over lunch. “Don’t the two of you understand the message that it may have shown?” he tells the besties of their choice to stick around at the fashion show. “You should have maybe to a point let her know that you had her back there.”

When they see his side, Frank urged them to, “Pick up the phone and go see her.”

Flicker took the advice and headed to see Giudice, who’d previously seen a psychic with Gorga and her brother Joe Gorga to get closure on their mom’s death. (Concetta, the Italian psychic, described herself as “a simple girl who’s heard dead folks all my life.”)

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Flicker opened up by apologizing. “I’m so sorry about yesterday,” she said.

“Me too,” Giudice conceded. “It got heated. Did you see like what I’m talking about with that lady? First of all, what she said was totally out of line. Don’t you agree?”

Once Flicker agreed, Giudice pressed her on why she decided to stay and walk at DePaula’s show. “Here’s why,” Flicker explained. “I’m there for a charity event for three kids that lost their fathers. I didn’t care about Kim D. I didn’t want to disappoint the victims’ families upstairs.”

Giudice understood, and Flicker added that she feels it’s difficult to talk to Giudice when Gorga, Staub and Josephs are around. She added that she has a particular problem with Josephs after she made an out-of-place Hitler reference during the dinner in which Giudice learned about the cheating rumors DePaola started. “Who at a time that your friends are fighting references Hitler?” Flicker said. “She’s missing a sensitivity chip. Do I hate her, no? I’m just like over it.”

Gorga, Staub & Josephs
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All squared up, Giudice and Flicker are just left wondering how the fashion show spat impacts the group’s plans to go to Milan — the trip Gorga invited the ladies on during the aforementioned dinner. So Giudice settled that with a quick call to the mother of three.

“As far as Dolores goes, listen, I’m not taking her invite back, but she got up in my face,” Gorga clarified.

The Italian getaway plans are still a go, but Catania will be on thin ice curing the vacation.

“I don’t want to deal with anyone’s shit when were there,” Gorga continued. “I mean, I want to enjoy it. It’s my first time in Italy. But Dolores better not disrespect me like that again. I’m serious, because then I’ll be done with her. There’s no reason for me to have a friend who does that. I’m telling you Teres, she is on my shit list.”

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