Teresa Giudice says theres no truth to the rumors that Joe Giudice cheated on her or that she's going to leave him

Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty

Teresa Giudice is clearing up rumors about her marriage to husband Joe Giudice.

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the 44-year-old Turning Tables author outlined that Joe did not cheat on her while she was incarcerated for a year for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud – and that she has no plans to leave him during his 41-month sentence in prison.

“Yeah I have old-school values,” Teresa confessed to viewers. “But I’m not going to stay together with him if I’m not happy.”

“Listen, I’m sure by now the girl would have came out,” she continued, of Joe’s alleged mistress. “It’s like, put it to rest. We are together, we’re happily married. It’s nonsense.”

She was much sassier when addressing the rumors with new Housewife Siggy Flicker, saying Joe “can’t keep his hands off me.”

“We’re together because we want to be together,” she explained.

While many relationships could crumble when faced with the legal troubles Teresa and Joe have faced, the Jersey Housewife says they’re even stronger for it – detailing how Joe doesn’t take her for granted anymore. “We connected on another level,” she revealed. “Maybe God wanted me to have this time for myself.”

Said Theresa: “Every marriage goes through phases which either could improve the relationship or people get divorced. In Joe and I’s case, thank God, it’s gotten even better.”

“I’ve heard, ‘I can’t believe she’s still with him,’ ” she told viewers. “It’s like, mind your business – that’s my husband.”

Later, Teresa and “Juicy Joe” discussed the situation after some sexy yoga.

“You know, if you cheated on me, no forgiving – you know that right?” Teresa told him. “I just want to make sure of that. Because there’s a story out that you’re with another women and that when you leave, I’m going to leave you.”

“Oh that’s always been out there right,” Joe responded, joking Teresa should be happy he eats a lot of garlic because she doesn’t want him kissing anyone else.

“If we didn’t want to be with each other we wouldn’t be with each other right?” she asked him. “I hope not,” he responded.

“When you get married, it says ‘For better or for worse, through sickness and health, ’til death do us part,’ ” she added, repeating the traditional wedding vows.

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Surprisingly, Teresa wasn’t upset with Flicker for bringing up the rumored infidelity – a contrast from how she acted when Jacqueline Laurita confronted her about tabloid rumors in season 5. “Maybe in the past I would have gotten offended, but Siggy’s just asking me something about my husband and I that I have no problem answering,” she said.

That doesn’t mean Laurita can expect her former best friend to be just as candid about everything. From the preview of next Sunday’s episode, the two square off when discussing Teresa’s legal battles. Old habits die hard!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.