Tenley Molzahn: I Was 'Completely Naive' on 'Bachelor Pad'

Photo: Kevin Foley/ABC

It’s been one backstabbing, emotional summer for those in the Bachelor Pad mansion, where the contestants, charged with voting each other out, quickly divided into two camps.

But Tenley Molzahn, the runner-up from Jake Pavelka‘s season of The Bachelor and Kiptyn Locke‘s potential love interest on Bachelor Pad, says she was “completely naive the whole time” alliances were being formed between the “outsiders'” and “couples.”

“I wish my eyes were a little more open and I knew what was going on around me,” Molzahn tells PEOPLE at the premiere of Going the Distance in Hollywood. “My experience with it was wonderful, though. I was just enjoying my vacation out by the pool, going for a run, eating good food.”

Although Molzahn, 26, is known as the sweet one in the mansion, she has already had her fair share of drama and tears on the show, including a bizarre bathroom confrontation with fellow contestant – and Bachelor costar – Michelle Kujawa, who was the first woman kicked off the show.

“There are no hard feelings as long as there aren’t any on her behalf,” Molzahn says. “I took a beating after that episode and I know she did, as well.”

As for the college admissions counselor and Locke? Molzahn is coy about their current status, but says it took the pair some time to see where “the natural chemistry belonged.”

“He’s an incredible guy, one of the most genuine men I have ever met. I enjoy him a lot!” –MoMo Zhou

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