Temptations Abound on 'Biggest Loser: Couples'


For all the support Biggest Loser contestants say they get from their loved ones, there was no evidence of it on last night’s episode. Oh sure, when the final nine packed up to head home for the week, each loser got a welcome back party — but guess what else they were greeted with:

Brittany‘s friends wanted to go drinking.

Bernie‘s pals dragged him to his favorite Chicago bakery where they shoved cake under his nose and named a decadent Boston Cream Pie cupcake after him.

Roger‘s legions of family members greeted him with an Alabama-sized backyard barbeque with all the trimmings. Later, wife Paige mmmmm-ed him to death during a dinner out where he listed everything on the menu he could not eat.

Mark and Jay faced a table full of dessert items at their Massachusetts homecoming, while Mark’s sweet-toothed son kept shoving decadent cinnamon buns in his mouth. And Jay’s kids? They tempted dad by eating French fries in front of him like they were the last fries on Earth!

And Paul. Poor Paul! Though he warned his mom not to roll out the cheesecake, the South Floridian (booted off this week) lost his will power when presented with a super-sized plate of chicken wings, large “colas” and a mile-high dessert that looked like it belonged in a Dr. Seuss book! We actually feel bad that Paul was sent packing for his lack of judgment. But at least his girlfriend Julie — who unsurprisingly looks a lot like his ex-wife Kelly — gets her “even more sexier now” Pauly boy back in her loving arms. –Caryn Midler

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