'Temptation Island' : Meet the 24 Sexy Singles Looking for Love on Season 2

The reboot returns this fall on USA Network

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Temptation Island - Season 2
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The countdown to Temptation Island's season 2 is officially on — PEOPLE can exclusively announce that the reboot returns Oct. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

The show follows four couples at a vulnerable time in their relationship. Together, they travel to Maui, Hawaii, where they are joined by 24 sexy single men and women, ready to compete to steal hearts.

The four couples (clockwise from top right) are Esonica Viera and Gavin Rocker, Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak, Ashley Godson and Rick Fleur, and Katie Griffith and David Benavidez.

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COLLEEN POWERS (22; program manager; New York, NY)

Collen Powers_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

A Baltimore native, Colleen made her way to New York City after college. While she enjoys having fun, she's over the casual "New York"-style relationships and is ready to find something that real and stable.

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DARBY DOWDELL (30; fashion designer; Atlanta, GA)

Darby Dowdell_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Darby is divorced and ready to find love again. A self-described "southern belle," she has spent most of her life competitively riding horses — and thinks Temptation Island will get her back in the love saddle.

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KARI NESHEIM (29; administration assistant, Collingswood, NJ)

Kari Nesheim_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This Jersey girl is ready to get the party started! Working as a legal assistant by day, Kari loves to live it up at night — but she really does want to find her one, true passionate love.

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MEDINAH ALI (30; podcaster; Atlanta, GA)

Medinah Ali_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

After turning 30, Medinah is done with the dating scene and wants to get serious with her perfect partner — and she wants someone who can keep up with her sass and spunk.

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MELISZA MCPHERSON (21; model; Sunrise, FL)

Melisza McPherson_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Melisza loves to be the center of attention and the life of the party. She's looking for a man who can handle all of the energy that she brings to the table.

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MIA METCALF (26; model/retail manager; West Allis, WI)

Mia Metcalf_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Mia, a hopeless romantic, grew up in a small town in the Midwest and believes that there's a big new world out there waiting for her. She loves getting attention from men, but can’t wait to meet the right man.

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PAYTON BURGESS (23; bartender; Greenville, SC)

Payton Burgess_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Payton loves to think of herself as the girl next door: southern, sweet and charming. She currently works as personal trainer and bartender, but aspires to go back to school to pursue a career in social work.

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RACHEL HAMEL (25; swimwear designer; New York, NY)

Rachel Hamel_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

No-nonsense Rachel is looking for a man that can keep up with her N.Y.C. pace. She has a flirtatious side, is unapologetic when it comes to men and hopes to find her "ride or die."

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SAM HARB (26; model agency owner; Henderson, NV)

Samantha Harb_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Sam is a straight shooter who doesn't waste her time playing games. Definitely an "alpha" in her relationships, she needs a man who can handle her self-confidence.

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SAMANTHA HOFFMAN (29; flight attendant; Tampa, FL)

Samantha Hoffman_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Samantha recently got out of an eight-year relationship, but isn't letting that breakup hold her down. She's ready for the next — and hopefully final — love of her life.

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TONEATA MORGAN (23; model/entrepreneur; Los Angeles, CA)

Toneata Morgan_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Former Miss Oregon USA, Toneata is a successful entrepreneur looking for a man who will support her business aspirations and be a true partner.

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TRACY LY (29; paralegal; Chino, CA)

Tracy Ly_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This self-proclaimed California "cool girl" knows how to lay down the law and get what she wants. She says she's over the "L.A. dating scene" and is ready for the right man to come along.

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ADEN TWER (27; regional sales manager; Philadelphia, PA)

Aden Twer_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Aden prides himself on his loving personality, his great head of hair and rock-hard abs. His parents are still married after 30 years and he's hoping he'll be lucky enough to follow in their footsteps.

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ALEX ANGELL (27; operations coordinator; Fullerton, CA)

Alex Angell_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Alex wants to bring a nice girl home to mom and dad and fully believes that love can strike at first sight. Loyalty is key for this California boy, who has been cheated on by every single girlfriend he's ever had.

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BEN KNOBLOCH (25; site supervisor for security co.; Phoenix, AZ)

Ben Knobloch_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Ben has had plenty of attention from the ladies, but he's over casual flings and is looking for the "real thing." He's a veteran who grew up with 3 sisters, so he claims to understand what women want.

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CHRIS GRANT (32; special education teacher; Bronx, NY)

Chris Grant_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Chris is super ambitious, goal-oriented and always on the go. Some of his past relationships didn't work out because he and his partner were never going at the same speed — will he find someone he can sync up with on Temptation Island?

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CHRIS NOVAK (27; mergers and acquisition consultatant; Austin, TX)

Chris Novak_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This Texas native was president and valedictorian of his high school class. His demanding work schedule has kept him from getting serious with women in the past, but now he's looking for his "partner in crime."

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DEAC CONTI (25; e-commerce entrepreneur; Naples, FL)

Deac Conti_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This "mama's boy" may be a funny guy, but he's serious about finding love. Deac's former girlfriends all met the love of their lives after their relationship with him ended, so he's hoping to break that streak once and for all.

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DOMINIQUE PRICE (25; entrepreneur; Marina Del Rey, CA)

Dominique Price_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This bachelor wants to meet the right woman to enjoy all the sun and sand in California with. Dominique always encourages people to be the best version of themselves and says that he knows how to treat a woman right.

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ETAY AROSHAS (24; hair care sales rep; Voorhees, NJ)

Etay Aroshas_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Etay is a former Israeli Defense serviceman with chiselled abs and a soft heart. He really wants a big family one day, but first needs to meet the right woman.

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JOSE RODRIGUEZ (25; restaurant owner; Sherman Oaks, CA)

Jose Rodriguez_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Full of energy and laughs, Jose is ready to start the party on Temptation Island. A natural leader, he speaks his mind and wants to meet someone who is "wifey material."

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KALAAN BROWN (36; realtor; Long Beach, CA)

Kalaan 'KB' Brown_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

Towering at 6'5", KB has always stood out in the crowd and with the ladies. But he has yet to meet the "one" for him — someone loyal, supportive and ambitious with similar values.

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KAREEM THOMAS (27; financial consultant; Queens, NY)

Kareem Thomas_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This former pro basketball player knows how to compete and is ready to get what he wants. He's had some hard breakups in the past, but is he ready to try and find true love again?

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SHAWN EVANS (30; fitness company GM; Boise, ID)

Shawn Evans_
John Tsiavis/NBC Universal

This rodeo-loving country boy is ready to lasso his forever woman. A former college athlete, Shawn is ready to start a family of his own and hopes his cowboy charms will attract the right woman.

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