'Temptation Island' Is Back for Season 2! Meet the 4 Couples Being Put to the Test

The reboot of the 2001 show returns in October

After a truly shocking first season, the Temptation Island reboot is back for round two.

On Thursday, USA Network unveiled the first trailer for season 2 and introduced the four new couples being put to the test.

The show follows the men and women at a vulnerable time in their relationship, where each is forced to decide “whether to commit to a lifetime together — or ultimately give in to the temptation.”

Together, the couples travel to Maui, Hawaii, where they are joined by 24 sexy single men and women, ready to compete to steal hearts.

Meet the four couples:

Ashley Howland (25) and Casey Starchak (26)

Ashley Howland, Casey Starchak
John Tsiavis/USA Network

Ashley, a dental assistant, and Casey, who works in sales, met on a dating app a year and a half ago. But since they recently moved in together, they’ve struggled with trust and commitment issues.

Ashley Goldson (30) and Rick Fleur (32)

Ashley Godson, Rick Fleur
John Tsiavis/USA Network

Ashley, a store manager, and Rick, a model, have been dating for four years — but Rick’s tendency to engage in flirty conversations with other women behind Ashley’s back has taken a toll on the relationship.

Katie Griffith (34) and David Benavidez (28)

David Benavidez, Kate Griffith
John Tsiavis/USA Network

Katie and David, rival sales executives, have been dating and living together for three years. While they swear they’ve been faithful to each other, their moments of infidelity in previous relationships are never far from the other’s mind.

Esonica Veira (30) and Gavin Rocker (26)

Gavin Rocker, Esonica Veira
John Tsiavis/USA Network

Esonica, a leasing professional, and Gavin, who works in private security, have been together for a year and a half — but his cheating past has cast a cloud over their potential future together.

Temptation Island season 2 premieres in October on USA Network.

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