'Temptation Island' 's Kaci Finally Confronts Boyfriend Evan After He Was 'in Bed with Another Girl'

"It feels like you threw our whole life away for this random girl," Kaci Campbell tells boyfriend Evan Smith

Are Temptation Island‘s Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith going to make it or break it?

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday evening’s finale episode, Campbell, 29, tearfully confronts her longtime boyfriend for the first time about his unfaithful behavior — and leaves audiences questioning if the couple will stay together or call it quits on their love.

“We like came into this like so strong and like so connected. And if someone were to tell me how this was going to go, like I honestly feel I would have told them they were insane,” she tells Smith, 28.

Temptation Island - Season 1
Mario Perez/USA Network

“Watching your bonfires, I literally couldn’t even watch some of them,” she says, tearing up. “You were in bed with another girl. I don’t understand how you just do that to me.”

The couple came to Temptation Island with Campbell giving Smith an ultimatum of spending the month apart, living with singles from the opposite sex, and reuniting to either get engaged or break up.

During the month, Smith fell in love with Morgan, and Campbell saw glimpses during the bonfire videos but couldn’t talk with him until now.

“It feels like you threw our whole life away for this random girl,” she admits to Smith, who remains silent and looks downcast.

Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell. USA Network

On Jan. 15, USA Network premiered the revival of the once-controversial 2001 Fox reality dating show.

The show has followed four couples at a vulnerable time in their relationship, where each must decide “whether to commit to a lifetime together — or ultimately give in to the temptation.”

Together, the couples traveled to Maui, Hawaii, where they were joined by 24 love-hungry men and women, ready to compete to steal hearts.

The Temptation Island finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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