Tyler Baltierra Shares the Secrets to His Loving 13-Year Relationship with Wife Catelynn

"It's been 13 years together & that's not because of luck or us not arguing or not getting upset with one another," Tyler Baltierra wrote

Tyler Baltierra is sharing the secrets to his loving relationship with wife Catelynn Baltierra.

The Teen Mom OG star, 26, shared a sweet tribute to Instagram Tuesday in honor of his 13-year relationship with Catelynn, to whom he has been married for nearly three years. The couple has been together since they were in high school and shares two children: 9-year-old daughter Carly, who they placed for adoption in 2009, and daughter Novalee Reign, 3.

“Life is really simple if you think about it. If you love something…fight for it. Sacrifice for it. Love it so much that it makes you want to love yourself in a way you never knew you were even capable of loving,” Tyler wrote in the caption.

“It’s been 13 years together & that’s not because of luck or us not arguing or not getting upset with one another…that’s because everyday, we choose to love each other unconditionally, with all the flaws & all the baggage our past lives has given us,” he continued.

“We choose to listen to one another & be heard by one another. We choose to confront our issues head on & fix them together. We choose to nurture our spiritual bond together & share lives ups & downs with one another,” he shared. “We are lovers in this life, so we can be soulmates in our afterlife.”

“@catelynnmtv …You Are Beautiful. You Are Worthy. You Are Strong. You Are Safe…& I love you more than this realm will allow to express in all my desired ways,” Tyler concluded.

The couple has been through their share of ups and downs over the course of their relationship. In November 2017, Catelynn entered rehab and in January, the MTV star returned to rehab for the third time to overcome childhood trauma.

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“Well they say third times a charm… I’m going back to treatment people for 6 weeks to work on my trauma and getting on different meds. THANK YOU @TylerBaltierra I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are my light!! And nova you are my sunshine #KeepTalkingMH,” she tweeted.

Tyler was also open about his own mental health issues, revealing he was going to therapy in January after Catelynn had entered her own treatment program.

In a video shared on social media, the father of two said, “I made it. I made it to my therapist appointment. Putting in a little self care today, know what I mean? Sometimes you have to put yourself ahead of some other people sometimes in life. Doesn’t mean you don’t love ’em or care about ’em. It just means you love ’em enough to put yourself first so you can be the best ‘you’ you can be.”

The two appeared together on the podcast Voice for Change 2.0 in March, in which Tyler spoke about his battle with depression and his suicide attempt at age 11.

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“That’s where I first started feeling depressed,” he said, explaining how he was acting out in school. “And, obviously, my dad going in and out of prison all the time. At 11, though, that’s when I attempted suicide and failed. I was on anti-depressants a bit.”

He continued, “I’ve been diagnosed with depression here and there whenever I’ve gone back to therapy and whatnot. Recently, I went to a new place and based on a couple of sessions I had with them, they said, ‘Look, based off a snapshot of your symptoms, we think you may be on the bipolar spectrum as well.’ ”

“That was pretty shocking to figure out, but also it made a lot of sense back to when I was younger,” Tyler added. “It was weird. But getting back into therapy, I’ve been managing that stuff.”

Despite their health issues, the two have stuck by each others’ side.

In May, Tyler posted a photo of the pair sharing a kiss in which he also joked about getting divorced. “Damn! I think divorce looks pretty good on us @catelynnmtv 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😏,” he wrote.

Earlier this month, Catelynn shared a screenshot of a headline that claimed she and Tyler were separating. “Y’all are so annoying lol! Guys don’t believe everything you read on the internet 🤦‍♀️,” she wrote in the caption.

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