'Teen Mom' 's Tyler Baltierra Reveals Daughter Nova 'Cries Out for' Catelynn While She's at Rehab

Tyler Baltierra reveals his daughter Nova "cries out for" mom Catelynn Baltierra, who is currently in rehab

Tyler Baltierra is opening up about the emotional video he recently shared.

The Teen Mom OG star, 26, responded to a tweet on Tuesday that suggested he broke down in the video Monday evening following cheating allegations that were brought against him.

“Omg! That wasn’t AT ALL what I was upset about,” Tyler tweeted. “I was upset because it’s difficult when Nova cries out for her mommy & I have to keep explaining why she’s not here to hug her tears away!”

Catelynn, who shares 3-year-old daughter Novalee Reign with Tyler, is currently in rehab for the third time to overcome struggles stemming from childhood trauma. She was previously in rehab late last year to overcome suicidal thoughts.

“Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say to your children. I never cry in front of Nova because I don’t want her to feel any of that. You have good days and then you have bad days, and, uh, today is just a bad day,” he said while silently crying in the video on Monday night. “If you’re in that same boat as me, just hang in there and you’re not alone. Talk to somebody.”

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Last month, Tyler told his followers that he was focusing on “self care” and was attending therapy.

Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

“I made it. I made it to my therapist appointment,” Tyler said in a video, which was taken in his car.

“Putting in a little self-care today, know what I mean? Sometimes you have to put yourself ahead of some other people sometimes in life,” he shared. “Doesn’t mean you don’t love ’em or care about ’em. It just means you love ’em enough to put yourself first so you can be the best ‘you’ you can be.”

The MTV personalities are also the biological parents to daughter Carly, whom they placed for adoption in the first season of 16 and Pregnant.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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