Mackenzie and Josh McKee briefly split in August


This is a birthday Mackenzie McKee will never forget.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie receives a special surprise birthday gift from her husband Josh McKee amid their efforts to reconcile after he admitted to cheating.

“Josh and I spent three days on a couple’s retreat, and it really helped our relationship,” she says. “He’s still not living in the house with the kids and I, but he stopped by to drop off cupcakes for my birthday.”

The cupcakes aren’t her only gift. Josh also leaves a note prompting Mackenzie to go on an extravagant scavenger hunt, complete with stops at some of her favorite places.

“I will see you on the other side,” he writes.

Mackenzie McKee engagement photos

The first stop is at her mom’s house, who hands her daughter another clue and a bible. To say Mackenzie is surprised by the effort Josh has put into her birthday is an understatement.

“I’ve been with Josh for nine years and I’ve never gotten on a birthday present,” she says.

Mackenzie previously opened up to PEOPLE about the birthday surprise, which ended with a note that told her to throw her old wedding ring into a lake. When she finally reached the conclusion, Josh presented her with a brand new ring and a private proposal.

“I see this cowboy that I married dressed up in this suit with a rose in his mouth,” she told PEOPLE in October. “And he was walking towards me and the music starts playing and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. I cannot believe this is happening.’ ”

Mackenzie McKee engagement photos
Credit: Whitney Osborn

While Mackenzie and Josh publicly announced their split in August, the Teen Mom star said the two really separated months before. (The couple initially tied the knot in 2013 and have been dating since 2009.)

But after going on the couple’s retreat and vowing to work on their marriage, they managed to find their way back to each other.

“We found our way back to each other even when we thought it was impossible,” Mackenzie said. “I fell in love with a new man.”

Mackenzie and Josh share son Gannon, 7, daughter Jaxie Taylor, 5, and son Broncs Weston, 3.