'Teen Mom OG' : Maci Bookout's Ex Ryan Edwards Seeks Legal Counsel for Visitation Rights of Son

Ryan Edwards is hoping to spend more time with his son, though it might prove more difficult than he thought

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Ryan Edwards is hoping to spend more time with his son, though it might prove more difficult than he thought.

The Teen Mom OG star, who shares 8-year-old Bentley with Maci Bookout, pursued legal counsel for custody of his son on Monday night’s episode.

Returning from rehab, Edwards struggled with only seeing his son on Father’s Day and “only for five minutes,” he told a friend.

“It sucks,” he said. “[Maci has] never helped me in any sort of way since we had him.”

Bookout told a close friend of hers that she is also pursuing legal action after hearing virtually nothing from Edwards while he was in rehab.

“I told him he should be expecting a letter from my attorney,” Bookout said, adding that it concerned his visitation rights.

“I didn’t get any [clarification or updates on him in rehab],” she said, saying she requested Edwards to take a drug test before he picked up Bentley for a weekend.

“Do the drug test that I’m paying for — and it’s $400 — and then you can come get him for a few days!” Bookout said, explaining the situation to her friend.

At home with his wife, Mackenzie, Edwards called a lawyer to see what his options were in pursuing custody or visitation of his son.

“We used to kind of just wing it and do whatever,” Edwards told Dana McLendon, a lawyer. “But lately it’s been every other weekend, which is fine, and then after I left and went to rehab and came back, that was it.”

He explained that his drug of choice was heroin and that he’d spent only a few minutes with his son since he returned from rehab.

“Is it even legal for her to just take him away?” he asked. “I need it to where it’s legal and set in stone so none of this happens anymore.”

McLendon explained to him that gaining parental rights through a court might be harder for him due to his past substance abuse.

“[The] biggest problem you’ve got is gonna be making sure the judge has great confidence in you, that your substance abuse problem is being dealt with appropriately,” McLendon said. “I’m hoping that you can pass the drug screens.”

McLendon continued, “I’ve never seen a judge that would create parenting time to someone who was struggling to pass drug screens.”


Edwards’ parents, Larry and Jen, told MTV producers in an emotional scene that they were relieved to feel as though they had their son back.

“I can understand every word he says [when I call him],” Larry said. “And, for the 30 days he was in rehab, it’s the best I’ve ever felt because I knew he was going to be okay.”

Larry continued, “I knew that I wasn’t going to get a call and somebody tell me that I needed to come to the hospital or whatever. That’s scary. That’s scary.”

He added that he and Jen “knew something was going on,” but that confronting their son only resulted in two things: “There was an argument and … he’d leave,” Larry said.

“We’re not stupid and we’re not naïve,” Larry said. “We have a few more things to educate us a little bit and to see what the signs are, but we had no idea what Ryan’s triggers were. Didn’t have a clue.”

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At the mention of her son’s triggers, Jen began to cry.

Larry explained, “Bentley and Jen are triggers.”

“He hates it when I’m sad or upset, so I have to hold it together,” Jen said. “Which is hard.”

“You make her cry, it’s a trigger,” Larry said. “You use Bentley, it’s a trigger. So, you can imagine how many triggers we’ve been fighting here lately. It’s been tough.”

He continued, “But, I’ll tell you this, I know he loves Bentley. Has he been there all the time? No. But I know one thing, I know he loves him.”

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Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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