"I will have two more doses of radiation and that will be the last treatment I will be given," Angie Douthit revealed on Instagram Friday

By Ashley Boucher
December 07, 2019 12:42 AM

Angie Douthit, Teen Mom OG star MacKenzie McKee‘s mom, will soon be ending treatment and starting hospice care.

Douthit shared the news on Instagram on Friday, explaining that she is going to undergo two final doses of radiation after cancer in her liver and brain has grown.

“Today was a little rough. Scans showed results that were not good,” Douthit wrote in her caption. “The cancer has grown in the liver and in the brain. There is also some hemorrhaging in the brain. I will have two more doses of radiation and that will be the last treatment I will be given.”

Douthit went on to say that she should be sent home from the hospital “in the next few days,” and that she has “decided to have hospice come in when I go home for some extra care.”

“I’m not sure what to say… other than How God told me early in my diagnosis that He would heal me but I would have a long dark journey to take,” she said. “I’m starting to think this is what He meant by long dark journey. So please pray for me that I will be strong and be able to stop vomiting. Also please pray that I will be a mighty warrior for Christ. I love every one of you. I thank you so much for your prayers.”

In a post on Thursday, Douthit had described sudden dizziness and being rushed to the emergency room, where doctors were “concerned about my liver, gall bladder, hip bone, and brain.”

angie douthit
Angie Douthit
| Credit: angie douthit/Instagram

McKee, 25, addressed the decline in her mother’s health on Instagram in an emotional video on her Story Friday.

“I don’t want to go into details because I can’t hold it together to get through these details but it is not looking good,” McKee said tearfully, noting that her mom, a former school teacher, was diagnosed with cancer almost exactly two years ago. “I’m hoping she can be here for Christmas.”

“It’s a long story, but the short story is that it is not good at all,” McKee added, encouraging her followers to donate to a fund to help pay for her mom’s medical bills and her parents’ mortgage.

The reality star also shared a post of her snuggling up to Douthit on her hospital bed, writing in the caption, “I love you so much @angiedouthit.” She revealed in another post a tattoo written in her mom’s handwriting of the words “always be kind.”

MacKenzie McKee
MacKenzie McKee, Angie Douthit
| Credit: MacKenzie McKee/Instagram

In August, Douthit revealed on Teen Mom OG that doctors had given her six months to live.

“I wanted to tell you I was better. But they told me that it’s in both femurs; it’s in my breast bone; it’s in my hip bones; this backbone that’s attached to your hip bone, it’s back there; it’s half of my liver,” Douthit said. “It’s in the lymph nodes of my colon and the lymph nodes in my lungs. I have another tumor in my head.”

“Like I always say: the bigger the cancer, the bigger the miracle,” Douthit said. “And God can do whatever He wants.”

McKee inquired if her mom had asked doctors about “what to expect.”

Douthit told her daughter the painful news that the doctor “said six month would be really, really pushing it.”

The proud mom and grandmother said that the most difficult part of the news for her was the realization that “my grandkids won’t remember me.”

McKee and husband Josh share son Gannon, 7, daughter Jaxie Taylor, 5, and son Broncs Weston, 3.

“I hope I’ve been a good mom and a good nanny,” Douthit told her daughters. “And I hope you guys will tell your kids about me all the time.”