Oh No You Don't! Farrah Abraham Bought Her Own 14-Carat Engagement Ring for Ex-Boyfriend

On Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, Abraham reveals she purchased a custom engagement ring for herself

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Farrah Abraham was left with a hefty price tag.

On Monday’s season premiere of Teen Mom OG, the reality star revealed that she had purchased her own engagement ring after her on-again off-again boyfriend Simon Saran encouraged her to do it.

During the first part of the two-hour premiere, Abraham admitted to her mother Debra Danielson that she had bought a 14-carat diamond engagement ring for herself that Saran “had organized” – but has yet to propose or pay for.

“He said to get it and was excited about it … I thought he was going to propose and nothing has ever happened,” she told her mom while flashing a picture of the ring from her phone. “I have this ring … and Simon still hasn’t paid me back for it. I’m just really upset he did that.”

Debra seemed mortified for daughter, but gasped at how stunning the expensive piece of jewelry was.

Later in the episode, Abraham was in Los Angeles and invited her friend Jenna over to her hotel for some girl time.

“I bought an engagement ring and it’s at my house,” she told Jenna. “I pretty much hid because I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do with this.’ And then he never pays me back for it or proposes and it’s like someone teasing me.”

When Jenna tried to say that maybe Saran wasn’t the one for her, Abraham didn’t correct her and admitted that she isn’t happy with their relationship – regardless of the ring.

“I’m not getting what I want and it’s really annoying,” Abraham, 25, told her. “So, we’ll see.”

And what fans saw during the two-hour episode was the fact that the pair just can’t seem to stay in a room together for long periods of time without biting one another’s heads off.

While still in LA, Abraham went to look at houses, so Saran, 26, tagged along. Within minutes of them being in each other’s company they began arguing.

“You’re interrupting me when I was trying to talk to you,” Saran said to her.

“If you’re worried about interrupting, than maybe you’re not the right person to talk to me then,” Abraham snapped back.

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To make matters worse, in the second episode, Saran goes after Abraham’s mother and posts an old mugshot of her on social media. This doesn’t go over well with Debra or Abraham, who is “over the drama.”

“If you talk about him, how can he not talk about you?” Abraham asked her mom. “The same immature, annoying, dramatic cycle that I don’t want to be around, continues to exist.”

Debra then told her daughter that she planned on confronting Saran at Sophia’s birthday party – and that she did.

The drama issued after Debra had a few too many glasses of wine at the party and asked to speak with Saran away from the other party guests.

“If you f— with my respect, it doesn’t make me happy,” she began telling Saran.”You think I’m a liar and full of bulls—!”

“I never called you a liar, if you are going to say that,” Saran started to say before Debra interrupted him. “I’m not finished. I never said anything to you, but when you don’t let me finish talking that’s when I start ignoring you and I don’t listen to what you say.”

The back and forth continued until Saran accused Debra of not having Abraham’s back.

“Are you delusional?” she asked him before he turned around and walked away.

Speaking of parental drama, Abraham also addressed a big issue with Saran – the fact that she hasn’t met his parents yet.

“It’s weird I haven’t met your parents yet,” she said to him later in the episode.

Saran began to stumble over his words and used multiple excuses, including saying that they’re always traveling. This opened the door for Abraham to bring up the engagement ring into their conversation.

“I did pick one out,” she told Saran. “Then you said, ‘Oh. no. I didn’t want to pay you back for that one. I didn’t want to give that to you.’ I had it custom made. I still have it … it’s gorgeous.”

“That’s nice,” he told her.”

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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